Ronald Fischer, Beekeeper

Image: Ronald Fischer, Beekeeper, by Richard Avedon, 1981 This image is very near and dear to my heart. First of all, I went to school for photography, so I am partial to all things photo-related (or, I should say MOST things—there is some photography I just can’t stand). However, I never really enjoyed studio photography.… Continue reading Ronald Fischer, Beekeeper

Listening To Your Body, For Real

I was born with the ability to astutely feel and recognize most physical sensations in my body, as they are happening. Perhaps I have just always paid closer attention to my bodily tremors compared to most others. Or maybe I’m not special in this respect, and I’m just a borderline hypochondriac (isn’t everyone?). But as… Continue reading Listening To Your Body, For Real

Detroit Inspired, Part II: THE HOUSE

I returned home from Detroit last week, after sharing a beautiful visit with my friend, shimmering with inspiration from two very basic-sounding, but nonetheless, deeply profound entities—FOOD and THE HOUSE. I understand that when most people travel to visit a new place for the first time, the place itself, the geographic location, the town, is… Continue reading Detroit Inspired, Part II: THE HOUSE

Detroit Inspired, Part I: FOOD

I just returned from Detroit. I don't travel very often (this goddess’s budget doesn’t always allow for it), but I try to take one meaningful trip per year. This year, the meaning behind this voyage was to visit my friend who has recently relocated there. We met and became friends in PA, and have been… Continue reading Detroit Inspired, Part I: FOOD

Beautiful Face, Part III: Your Innards

This is the third and final part of my series on caring for your beautiful face, and this post is going to be ALLLLLL about your insides. You can read Part I and II of my Beautiful Face series in the Health/Beauty section of my blog. I will preface this post, as I often do… Continue reading Beautiful Face, Part III: Your Innards

Tree Friend

Have you ever had a relationship with a tree? I mean for real. I’m very serious, and I hope to be taken seriously here. If you have not, I recommend that you try this. And if you don’t know where to start, I’ll share with you my experience. There has only ever been one tree… Continue reading Tree Friend

Crystal Myths

In one of my earlier posts about Palo Santo, I gave a shout out to my awesome yoga instructor/insanely addictive-ly amazing crystal jewelry-maker, and I’ve been thinking about doing a post on crystals ever since. I will preface this post by saying that I am SO not an authority on crystals, so in this post… Continue reading Crystal Myths