1. Yes, yes, yes to laughter! It absolutely is my go-to medicine (moreso than even bourbon) during stressful and upsetting times. This is definitely one of those times. Doing what we need to do to help ourselves feel better — be it a belly laugh, belly breathing, gratitude journaling, whatever — is a good thing. I believe in feeling, processing, and understanding all emotions I’m feeling. I do not believe in wallowing as a helpful strategy for me, and humor can provide a necessary distraction and welcome break in a down cycle. Thank you for this, Libby! I’m going to check out the personality types videos 😁

  2. haha I loved this one – I am feeling the rut right now too so I totally get you!! I feel the same way about carpool karaoke lol not really laugh but I really enjoy that series (my favourite is the episode with Chris Martin)! I am going to crawl into bed and check out that episode with Jerry and Jim, I loveee a good laugh too (God knows we all need one right about now)!

    1. Ohhh lemme know what you think of that one! Crawling into bed sounds divine. EVERYONE I know is exhausted right now, including me! Just gotta keep going tho. Thanks for reading 💖

  3. I am one of those weirdos who just doesn’t enjoy standup comedy. It is sometimes mean or slapstick and that just makes me cringe.
    And yessss, I saw this reel and it was so cuteee!! Haha. I love that you’re able to make yourself laugh. I used to always say I want to date someone funny but didn’t realise how funny I am till after my ex (who was the forced humour kind of guy – trying to make everything funny *eye roll*).
    I totally get it about the post length. I’m so low on energy that I haven’t scheduled posts for this entire week. I don’t feel like forcing myself to write but I also don’t want to not post. Arghhh. I have 4 completed posts but they don’t match my current frame of mind…so I don’t feel like posting them. 😭

    1. Omg same I’m contemplating not doing a Thursday post this week and that’ll be the first time in months that I don’t. But I’m not gonna push myself. And honestly I haven’t seen that posting twice a week is doing anything major for my blog growth, so whatever! 💖💖💖

  4. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is great fun! The whole premise of a show based on having simple, human (and sometimes boring) conversations is happy-making.

  5. Okay, first of all, we’re the same type: ENFJ LOL

    Funny story, my husband was like “You know, I think people use the word ‘love’ too much. You can’t love everything.” To which I replied, “Why not?” lol

    Anywho, thanks for sharing that YouTube video. Also, the Seinfeld comedy series is hilarious every single time.

    1. Omg that’s CRAZY!!! I was actually thinking it’s the other day how I’ve never met another ENFJ and wished I could know one!! 💖💖💖 yeah no, “love” can and should be used freeeeely 🤣🤣

  6. Since I have Netflix, I think I can probably still see comedians and coffee which I think it would like even if Seinfeld is not totally my cup of tea comedically.

    I also need to dig up my test results so I can get the full value of watching the Frank James videos. What a great idea!

      1. First, just call me old and ignorant but I had no idea that things don’t stay available for free on Netflix forever. That’s not my excuse for not getting to comedians, etc., though.

        Found my test results which were ESTP which make me a dynamo. Not sure about that but it does fit my most recent disguise which I just identified in an obit writing class yesterday. Crying on the inside, laughing on the outside.

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