11 thoughts on “4 STEPS TO FORGIVENESS”

  1. Beautiful post! I’m guessing it must have been hard to share this personal experience. I hope it helps others and me in our journey to forgive people in our lives. The anger we hold does us the most harm yet we choose that over compassion and forgiveness. I’m glad you got an opportunity to spend time with your mom. 🤗
    PS: Your mom was gorgeous.

    1. Oh HP thank you so much! 💔 For all of your words. I actually always feel better after sharing my feelings so these posts are so helpful for me. I’m so glad they might be helpful for others too 🦋🙏

  2. Like Moksha, I can imagine it was hard to share such a personal experience. I’m glad you did because it highlighted how personal forgiveness is and really resonates the journey you took to get to complete forgiveness. You handled an extremely traumatic experience with such grace and it sounds like having that time away from your Mum helped to improve your relationship and meant you were able to have a better time with her. xxx

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