1. Totally relatable!! I remember my first crush in high school – I used to read the books he liked, listen to the music he liked but despite being very talkative, I would get tongue tied in front of him. I’ve always felt like I am intimidating to men since I speak my mind and have an opinion. But in the past, I used to dumb myself down to be liked by men. Not anymore.

    Love your letter. Thank you for sharing it. ❤️

    1. Girl, we’re the same. As always. And for me, this is ongoing! I just never know how men are going to take me once I open my mouth and reveal my true self. But I gotta be me! So glad you are doing YOU no matter what! 💖

  2. I saved your love letter for future reference! Too often I have got into toxic situations and “submitted” to them, but never completely. There was always a fire there that no one can tame and now I’m letting it shine!

    1. Girrrlll that’s so lovely to hear! And I love that you find comfort and support in the letter. I do also and will refer to it too when I’m just questioning everything. Thank you!! 🔥 ♥️

  3. This was badass! I so relate to being a quiet child as well… as a child I was so timid, afraid, aware and self-conscious that everyone knew me to be a fake.. that I didn’t belong… because my family was poor, my parents didn’t speak English and we didn’t live in as clean a house as those of my friends… I was so afraid of being found out that I was different… but as I aged, I began to see how important it was that those lessons were there to teach me something invaluable- acceptance, identity, strength, power, compassion, and perspective. I transformed those experiences in my childhood and it propelled me to use my voice in a way that would free me from my fears of being something I am not… I am not a weak, scared, little girl anymore… I have so much to offer and value to impart to this world…. I am Bosssy 😉

    1. Yay! I love when u think I’m badass because I always think you’re so badass! And thank you for sharing your story with me. I knew a bit of your background but it’s amazing to hear about the long-term journey. It’s like you had your own goddess (or if u don’t love that word, empowered) awakening! As I think every woman does at some point. At least, hopefully they do 🌺 I’m so glad you enjoyed this and related. Your support always means so much, thank u!

  4. Still teary from Sandy’s story, and now this. Of course you are speaking right to me. I was nearly 60 before I stopped suppressing myself. I could have used your loving letter. Thank you, Goddess!💜💜💜

    1. Oh my dear Natalie, big hugs to you! I agree, I needed this letter years ago as well!! And still need it now, the healing never seems to end. Big hugs and more tissues I’m virtually sending to you!! 💖❤️‍🩹💖❤️‍🩹 I’m so glad you felt this in your heart 💜

  5. Ah, how myriad the strong personality is! It is easy to desire to hold back elements of ourselves in order to better fit in with our peers and belong to a part of society, so letters like this go straight to the people who need them most and encourage us all to be proud of who we are. 🙂

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