1. I HATE my period mainly because of the mood swings and irritation that I feel around that time. I hate not having control over my emotions. I also hate washing stains. 🙈 (TMI?) I also hate the whole taboo around this subject especially in countries like India. And I hate how my period plays cruel tricks on me. Like I’ve been blessed with a fairly regular cycle but ever so often (especially when I’ve been a lil stupid) my period will be late by a day or two and drive me crazy. 🙈

    I’m sure you’ll be blessed with the gift of a child whenever you plan on it. 🤗❤️

    1. Never too much info for me, no worries! Yes stains seem to happen no matter what we do! And yes same, the emotions are ridiculous and it’s like every month without fail I go to that dark place and can’t seem to help it. I also find my period is late if I’m super stressed. Like it can even be a week or so late, crazy! Thank u for the positive reassurance about pregnancy 💖 I hope you’re right! I’m glad this article validated some of your feelings. As always, u validated mine! Xo 😚

  2. Another beautifully written article, as always. I like the idea of celebrating our periods, and love your moon art.
    My first prescription painkillers, in the 1970s, were for my debilitating menstrual cramps. Opioids soon followed for the related migraines. Doctors (male) were so stupid back then.

    1. What a journey you’ve had! And I don’t blame u for one second about doing what u needed to do to deal with the pain. What options do we have?! Yes, I still feel cautious about male doctors when it comes to my lady parts. Like what do they honestly know that women don’t know better?! Thanks always for your support and lovely comments xoxoxo 😘 I’m so glad u enjoyed 💖

  3. Never liked it, thrilled to be rid of it. And I saw the same 8mm film in school. After three kids, bad periods became worse periods and a hysterotomy was suggested. Then my aunt said, “but you won’t be a woman anymore.” Well, in my head, I knew that was ludicrous. But wow, what a head psych. If a man had said that to me, I’d have punched him in the throat. But a woman said it, and not a very old one; the sheer ignorance of her learned beliefs made me very, very sad. Embracing my power has never been my problem; stereo-typing and double standards – yes. But bull-dozing my way to get what I want – no. But that weird-ass remark from my favourite aunt made me doubt myself. Big mistake; I delayed the surgery long enough for it to become an “urgent” problem, which lead to an emergency hysterectomy. Kept the ovaries, lost the useless baggage. Best decision ever! Zero regrets.

    Now if there’s some wild moon dance for menopause, send that my way!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! Wow, it’s so terrible the false things we learn, even from each other! I’m soooo glad you’re rid of the pain, and yes, I would def get one too if it came to that. 🌺 I so appreciate hearing your story, and thanks again for your support 😊

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