1. Like you, as I’m ageing I have stopped feeling insecure about my looks vis a vis other women. I love appreciating beautiful, well dressed women and basking in their beauty.

    I also like to collect random beautiful things but unlike you mine just end up in a box. 🙈

    I’m not huge on perfumes mainly because over the last 5-6 years I’ve been addicted to Victoria’s Secrets’ body mists. But now that I’m being a conscious shopper, I’ll probably buy myself some perfumes once my current 4 VS body mists run out. I really want to get Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl for that cute bottle.

    Beautiful book covers make me happy too. They also make for beautiful show pieces.

    And lights. I have a hundred lights of different shapes, sizes and colours. They are so pretty and make me so happy.

    1. Twins of course!! Thank you for validating about viewing other women. I really have no idea how other women feel about that so it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one. You totally get it!! Ohhh now I wanna see your pics of everything! Maybe a response post to mine, or tag you’re it, I dunno how to say it but u know what I mean?! No pressure but either way thank you for sharing as always!!’ 🌺🦋☺️💕💖

  2. Thank you for sharing your light, Libby💖 When I am mindful of the beauty all around me it is healing and helps me find joy in small moments. I didn’t do this until I was 60. You’re a wise goddess ✨️ 💫💜

  3. oohh I love all your vases, jars and knick-knacks! It’s the type of aesthetic I gravitate towards at “home goods” stores (we don’t have those in Canada, we have HomeSense and Winners)!

    When I was younger, I used to be confused about attraction (I’ve never told anyone this)… I thought women were attractive but not in a romantic sense… I looked at that with awe (obviously those that I found most beautiful) but now I know that it’s not necessarily attraction but recognizing beauty in its purest form…

    Also, as I’ve aged, I’ve grown more and more into a plant person… I’m kind of obsessed with having plants in my house (I don’t have a ton because we just don’t have that much space but I’ve had more plants than ever before and I want more)! 🙂

    1. Yea, it’s tricky because women in general can be so beautiful and mesmerizing that all humans I think are drawn to that kind of radiance. Not as much to do with attraction as like wow, I can’t pull my eyes away from something so beautiful! 😍 Yes to plants! I def don’t have much space either but I just love how it makes a space look more homey. I’m not quite out of control with plants yet but I’m getting there ha! 😂 🌱

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