1. Libby, my soul sister, I can relate with EVERY single post of yours. As you know, I’m agnostic but every time I’m in real pain – I just close my eyes, drop to my knees and start praying – just wishing the pain to go away. :/
    I also get what you mean about shutting yourself off so that you don’t feel any pain. I’ve been doing that since my last break-up, I don’t let anyone get close enough – not even friends, and I agree it can get really lonely sometimes. I realized this when I was trying to date this last guy (the one I told you about) – I realized that it only felt good because I was finally talking and opening up to someone and not because I was romantically into him. I just don’t know how to be vulnerable anymore. Dealing with pain and its after-effects is a journey alright. *SIGH* I hope you take your time with finding your answers on this healing journey. And hope every day lessens the pain. <3

    1. Thank you M, I love your words so much, and of course relate to you as well. It’s so hard, and for me, the loneliness always outweighs the fear. In the end, pain is the risk we take with love. I def realized that in this relationship. Even tho I’ve been trying to avoid the pain my whole life. But I’m also realizing that I didn’t die from the pain. And it’s honestly getting better ❤️‍🩹 as of a few days ago!! I hope you find someone who is kind and doesn’t make u wanna run! You deserve love just like all of us!!! xoxoxo

  2. Did you get a new website or revamp??? Looks amazing!

    I totally understand and can feel what you’re going through at the moment.. to be honest, I wish there was a pill we could all take to alleviate the pain or that I was privy to some magical hack to obliterate the heartbreak you’re feeling right now but there really is nothing to do but to live through it… some are able to compartmentalize it and play avoidance but I think truly the best and fastest way is through… and that’s exactly what you’re doing, Libby! 💓🙏

    1. Thank u Jen!! As of the last few days (I don’t wanna jinx it) I’ve been starting to feel better ❤️‍🩹 I haven’t cried in a few days which is amazing! So u might be right, my approach just kinda got all the gunk up at once. Gosh I hope so 🌸 Also thank u about my site! Although I haven’t changed anything. Do u typically view on WordPress or on my actual domain site?

      1. So glad you’re feeling a bit better.. These things also ebb and flow so don’t be anything but proud of yourself if you find yourself feeling not so great again!

        So, I usually view on phone and laptop but the last time I was on the laptop I don’t remember seeing your full site… did you upgrade or it was like that for a while now? Usually if I click on the post from the WP reader I see a full post within the reader but this time it’s an excerpt and then I can click to your official website link to view the full post… 🙂

      2. Ok so I literally tweaked something today bc my blogger friend couldn’t see my posts and I reached out to tech. They had me adjust something behind the scenes but honestly I have no idea what it did ha! But this is good news that it’s looking better to you, so thanks for letting me know! I def always hope people read my articles from the actually website since that’s the one that’s the most aesthetically pleasing. But I honestly appreciate whatever form people absorb my content. Thank u!!! 😘😘😘

      3. Ok this makes sense now, now that you see only the excerpt on WP, you’re forced to visit my actual site, which is what I want, so yes, the site has always been this way, but the excerpt format was changed today. Ok this makes sense thanks again!

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