1. Awww, Libby. I feel your pain. It’s really crazy how society views single/childless women above 30 as sad/pitiful but don’t treat men that way!!!!
    I am sure I never want biological kids and the number of times people have judged me for that choice is ridiculous. Apparently I’m wasting the gift of creating life. Arghhhh.

    But I know that it will happen for you and soon. Keep manifesting that life. ❤️
    *Sending you hugs*

  2. I am over 50, never married and no kids. It would bother me some in my 30’s as my friends married and had kids and I was left off of invite lists. I felt like my singleness & childlessness was a plague. Then I started thinking about WHAT I wanted. I have a full life I enjoy, but it takes cultivation. I have never regretted not marrying and not having children. Peace friend.

      1. Hang in there. It is easy to get down. The trick is not to wallow in the muck believing every awful thing your monkey brain spews like a deranged, old aunt.

  3. This is interesting. I’m way over 40 and childfree. I’m sorry you feel shame or embarrassment about your situation, but I can say that no one has ever tried to push me into motherhood or criticized me for being without children. Maybe I give off an anti-nurturing vibe. Or maybe I just learned to ignore the naysayers early on. I’m sure you’ll work through your feelings, but am fascinated that you’ve encountered this kind of sentiment.

    1. Thank you for your perspective I really appreciate it. So interesting you’ve never received pressure, that’s actually amazing! And I’m happy you’ve been spared. Thank you for reading and sharing, I really appreciate it. 🙏🌺

  4. 💓I understand your feelings here! Women get a lot of judgment no matter what they do in life or where they end up. Childless women, women who have children in their early 20s, women who never stop having babies.. we get it all compared to the amount of judgment that comes at men (which is often very little or less negative). I wish there were less judgment in the world, sadly it’s not the case. It’s a tough balance, my sister had to reconcile these similar emotions too when she was having difficulty getting pregnant: “am I less of a woman?”… your feelings are valid, your life choices are valid and even the things that you didn’t choose are valid reasons for however it makes you feel… All love here! 💓

  5. I know you don’t want to be a single mom, but I knew a woman who thought she’d never find a man but she really wanted to be a mom and she got a sperm donation and she was soooo happy as a mom, then she met a guy with his own kid and now they are raising them together and reportedly very much in love, so if you really want a baby, take the leap. Of course I am a complete stranger to you and it’s none of my beeswax! I wish you much happiness, Goddess Attainable. You sound entirely lovable.

  6. Hugs, Libby. I know this is a tough and painful issue. As has been stated, women are judged (by men and other women) in everything we do or don’t do. I know you will realize and embrace the option that is right for you, Goddess. 💖💫

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