1. Everything you’ve written in this post is so relatable. I often see some people on IG who trigger the worst kind of envy in me – usually they’re people who post a lot about their “amazing” relationship – I am SINGLE. It’s so crazy – I’m not bothered that I am single but just seeing some “hot” woman in a happy relationship and it makes me so envious. So I get what you mean. I really want to know a long term solution for this too. In the short term I’ve just muted their posts on IG. 🙈
    All in all just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. I think most of us feel envious at some point or the other in our lives. We all want more than what we have. 🙈

    1. Thank u so much HP, I was a little nervous to share this post but assumed that so many women might relate, even tho it’s hard to admit. Thanks for being brave and sharing! And yes omg when I was single I was soooo triggered by women in happy relationships. Now it’s something else that triggers me so yeah I guess we’re just human and this just happens ☺️ You’re the best 💕xo

  2. Fantastic post, Libby! I love your raw honesty. Your authenticity and caring spirit shine through in every word. Even in revealing feelings of envy, you are uplifting. We all experience envy. It’s a normal human emotion. You are so right when you remind us not to hate ourselves for our feelings.
    Thank you for this! ❤😍

  3. Libby, I totally get this! I spent SO MUCH time wondering why someone else was getting what I wanted so seemingly easily. I knew I had value, I knew I was “as good as” or whatever you want to say. I swear this is cultural and patriarchal programming – to look out and compare and compete. When women compete it’s like we’re just competing for our spot on the bottom when the white men are in their little top triangle promoting and connecting each other. And – it still happens and it’s still normal and we can still overcome it!! One of my favorite things to do lately is remember this (paraphrased/rewritten from Florence Scovel Shinn): What the Universe has done for another It is doing for me now, and more! And also: I’ll have what she’s having! Like you’re putting in your order to the universe. It’s all on the menu. You see what she has. You like it. Boom. Order it up!!

    1. Yes to all of that goddess! It’s such a process of untying those knots. And for me, I was so blind to the knots for so many years. But now the blinders are fading and I see everything with goddess eyes now, it’s amazing! And finding other women who see that way too and support that, it such a huge gift 🎁!!! Thank u LC

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