1. I love everything about this post, Libby! 💜 I’m sorry about the disappointment but so happy for your Zen-ness 💫.
    “I’ve just been dating so much that I’ve been getting more used to the ebb and flow of the roller coaster of love. Whatever it is that’s happening within me, I’ve been noticing a shift. And I think I’m handling the WHOLE dating bullshit madness so much better than I ever have in my entire life.” Amen to that, sister! It feels really good to be in that space now, though I didn’t get there until I was nearly 60. You are such a badass Goddess! 💖 Your list of Zenifiers (yeah, I’m just making up words) is spot on too 🎯. And I love the oracle card message: “…love these changes; be open and curious.” That has been key for me. Also, my daily guided meditations on Insight Timer include intentions around trust and acceptance. Again, you hit the nail on the head when you state “I no longer question why things are happening. Instead, I just trust in something bigger.” That has been a challenge for me but it is having a meaningful impact that feels pretty wonderful. Cheers to you, Libby! 💜

    1. Natalie, we’re sooooooo in the same page! If you would’ve written this post, I feel like I would’ve commented exactly how you did here! 🤣🤣 You highlighted all the parts in my own post that stuck out for me most, and I love that we’re just in this together!! Thank you Nat, miss you, hugs!! xoxo

  2. I’m coming to accept that not only does the road go both ways: he has to be right for me, but that I also need to be right for him, AND the timing needs to be right for both of us! Just because we’re putting ourselves out there to meet people doesn’t mean that the universe will just automatically bless our efforts. Maybe the whole process is a way of revealing to us the things we still need to work on, and vice-versa. Maybe there are experiences we need to go through BEFORE we are ready for the other person!

    These are things I’m looking at myself, so any disappointments are part of my journey. In my past I jumped into relationships too quickly, so I see the universe is giving me opportunities to get to know someone much more slowly. I’ve learned that with other things in my life things will click into place when it is right, otherwise it remains a push/pull struggle. Letting go of my expectations has been difficult, but the universe has shown me that it has my back in other things, so why not in the area of love too?

    1. Yes, such wise and positive words, thank you! And so comforting to know you’re on this journey as well, learning and growing, experiencing it all. I guess that’s why we’re all here right?!? 💖💖

  3. I’m not in the dating mode (happily married for 38 years) BUT like everyone else, life has its ups and downs. Huge disappointments and worries and health scares and everything in between the good calm lovely stuff. We are all in this “figuring out the best way to live our lives” thing no matter if we’re married/single/widowed/divorces/etc. Life is challenging and at times painful. But life is also so much fun and fascinating. I find the joyful stuff more by meditating daily (as you suggest). For me, this works first thing in the morning (like 6:15 ish) before the day really begins. Helps me immeasurably. I’m glad you are meditating as well. Helps us center INTO ourselves, I believe. <3

  4. I think you just jumped through a huge barrier in your journey… to realize that your life (even though it’s not where you imagined it would be at this point) is still headed in the right direction… and you are moving toward something better and you believe in a bigger purpose 🙂 I love, love this for you! 🙂 💕

  5. I’ve been single for the longest time before re-meeting my current partner, and your stories remind me of the trial and error that comes with meeting new people and working out if we mean as much to them as they do to us. I can relate to how tiring it can be, almost like reading a bunch of short stories and having to start over with ‘new worlds’, compared to just immersing yourself in one long novel and staying there throughout.

    I used to write lots of heartbreak stories, and the lesson I learned from that era was I’d either get a good partner, or I’ll have a new blog post to write about 😛

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to post an example of stories from this era:

    Feel free to delete these last couple of sentences if you’d prefer not having links on your blog. Anyway, keep on keeping on, Libby!

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