1. Oh, I’ve been reading deep in The Goddess Attainable archives this morning. And now I have so many thoughts and feelings that I’m not sure I can make any sense.

    Love and Loss – you nailed it. But more than that I am overwhelmed by the sense of authenticity about you. Your absolute beautiful sense of going where needed, even when it’s painful. And the fun and gorgeousness that follows along with you. Your incredible talent and art sense. So even as you weep, it feels like just the shedding of layers to prepare for the next Libby adventure.

    Which is all to say – I’m so sorry for your losses and the ache that they leave behind. But I applaud your heart for unfolding towards more — and the love that will come with it! XOXO – W

    1. Oh Wynne, this is such a beautiful comment, I’m screen shotting this one! And I feel so honored that you’ve been taking the time to look through my archives 🌺 thank you so much for this support. It’s like I can actually feel it for real. Thank you!!!! Xo

  2. So sorry about your Aunt Lois, Libby. I can absolutely understand the logic of why a shock of losing your ex unexpectedly was more traumatic, in a way, than losing your own mother… I think it has a lot to do with rejection… when someone passes, it’s never a choice (in most cases, it’s never the choice that was made, it was a life circumstance) but when a romantic love leaves (particularly one that you don’t want to leave), you feel rejected because there’s an element of choice there… you wanted to leave, you left, why did you want to leave, what is it about me that makes you want to leave me… those are very heavy questions and realities so I absolutely get the perplexity there..

  3. I can’t believe that almost a whole year has passed since last December. I don’t know if you remember this before but around the time of your break up – I messaged you about some drama in the blogging world without realizing that you were going through something even bigger – and you calmly walking me through my drama. Truly blessed to have met you in this blogging journey. I totally understand how you must feel about December. I know that is how October is going to feel like now onwards – my birthday month, Diwali month (our Christmas) and also the month I lost my grandpa. 🙁
    But I hope December brings with itself a reason to cheer for you. I hope this December adds to what you love about December.

    So sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope her soul rests in peace. <3

    1. Aww I had forgotten about that blogging drama post-breakup but I also do very much remember that I was happy to write back and forth with you about it and was so thankful to have something to take my mind off of my misery. And helping people, especially friends I care about, always makes me feel good! So it was a win win girl! Ugh yes, I’m so sorry about your grandpa, I know that feeling of darkness and sadness and emptiness all at once. It can feel truly unbearable, so I’m glad you keep writing and talking about it bc I think that really helps. We’ll get through this muck, I know it! And I’m so grateful to have your friendship as well M! xoxoxo 😘

  4. Lots of warm hugs. Not easy but I admire your strength and patience in processing and going through everything instead of just dismissing or escaping. I also love your collage and I appreciate its composition. I sincerely hope the next December will be nourishing for you and be exactly what you need.

  5. Sending you a lot of light and love, Libby <3

    A friend of mine lost her mother to cancer and got a divorce around the same time. She started creating positive memories on those dates, as a way to re-frame the time. Thought I would share this <3

    1. Thank you I love that. And I love hearing how others have turned their pain into something beautiful. I think it’s an amazing way to keep our fear of pain at bay as well, knowing we will always have a way to get through it 💖💖

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