1. I became aware about the pink tax a few years back when there was a push for making menstrual products more available/affordable to women from weaker economic backgrounds in India. A few women raised the issue about other products for women that were seemingly more expensive for women. It is definitely more expensive to be a woman. I also think that there is so much pressure on women to be well groomed, to use make-up, to not repeat clothes – that adds a lot to our expenses.

    In India, the Government has launched many schemes to make wellness products cheaper for people that can’t afford them. Inexpensive sanitary napkins, birth control pills, condoms etc. are available at government hospitals and medical stores. Are these the best quality? No. But I’m glad that more women have access to them.

    1. Yes, I knew you’d probably know what the pink tax is because you’re a goddess!! Oy, I really don’t see my country doing anything productive about this of course. We’ve been going backwards politically ever since Trump and now it’s like Medieval and petrifying! But I’m so glad India has at least put something in place and hope others follow 💖💖

  2. Ugh I had heard of pink tax before but your 1300 more a year state made me sick! I’ve been thinking a lot about my birth control lately because I need to replace it in December and for now it’s safe and covered under insurance but I worry if that changes I won’t be able to afford it! I use a 3 year long term method which I love but upfront costs out of pocket are 1k or more… I think I will be safe since I’m making the swap this year but I really worry for women long term and if we’re going to keep our insurance coverage on the “frivolity” of birth control…

    Also I’ll have to check out Ellevest – sounds interesting.

    1. Oh yes, check out Ellevest and let me know what you think! Ugh what’s so sad is that all of your worries are totally valid. It’s just so frustrating and frightening. I hope your plan of action keeps you safe and secure, it sounds as solid as any plan. Thanks so much for reading and sharing 💖🌺

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