1. Sounds like a great mindset. Here’s to finding happiness with or without someone else.

  2. So happy that you’re emerging stronger through this. And yayay to being okay being single. We can do it all on our own till we find someone that makes us not want to do stuff alone. ❤️

  3. Libby, so glad you’re starting to find hope and happiness where you are in your journey (I knew you’d get there)! You’ve done so much work on yourself since the day things fell apart in your relationship and I am so happy to see you feel better about yourself! For me, the thing that always helped me keep a balanced perspective was that I wasn’t going to be single forever, so I tried to always enjoy every stage of my life as it were… savour the moments we have, sort of, so to speak.. 🙂

  4. Thirty-three years ago, I was where you are now. I had decided it would be OK for me to stay single, though like you I was still looking. At that time, I had an attitude of strength in who I was and was determined, though probably subconsciously, that whoever I paired up with would accept and appreciate that in our life together.

    Looking back, I joked about how my now-ex wanted to know, when we first got together, where I was and when I was coming home. I was pregnant at the time so I laughed it off and continued to do so through most of our marriage. Long story short, at the end, I guess it turned out he had stopped appreciating and accepting that in me, probably because I had made the choice to care for my widowed mother and not my alcoholic spouse.

    Now I am heading back to the point in my singleness where you are now i.e. realizing I can care and do for myself most of the time. Sometimes now I still feel a little insecure when it comes to making the decisions I used to leave to him, mostly about mechanical and electrical things. I’m sure, though, I will reach the point where I feel more comfortable relying on friends and family for those things. Come to think of it, that’s what I did when I was single 33 years ago.

    1. Wow thank you so much for sharing your story! Yes, I struggle to with a bit of fear in handling things I’m not used to handling. But I also think no one should have to do anything alone and friends and family are so valuable to rely on! Best of luck to you on your journey!!! It sounds like you’re in a really good place 💖💖💖

  5. Hoo boy do I relate to always having to jump from one relationship to another. I used to be that guy too. Maybe it was because I attached my self-worth to being attractive to someone else. Not the best foundation to build relationships on.

    And I truly agree that our heart speaks so much softer than our minds. I like to think of it as our true self versus our ego. Our true self is very assured and loving, but we often discount it because it doesn’t yell the same way our ego does. The more we learn to listen though, the louder that voice gets, and it’s never wrong.

    Anyway, if I were to rise like a phoenix, now would probably be a good time, because my career has been in the dumps for a while now.

    Thanks for sharing your story, and wishing you all the best, Libby!

    1. Oh thank you for sharing this Stuart, I love hearing this from your perspective. And I hate to say, because I don’t want you to be suffering, but it’s always comforting to hear when others can relate to my plight. So thank you for this 💖💖

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