1. Saving is SO important. Something I often find that my millennial friends don’t always understand. I was only able to quit my job and do this business full time because I had a decent amount of savings (which are now running out fast – the liquid savings) and that I could move in with my folks and save on rent. My parents have been SO adamant since childhood that we live good lives but not beyond our means, something that has really helped me too.
    Making your savings work for you is another very important thing – since as you said our salaries are not increasing as much as inflation is.

    1. Yea I do think it comes down to parents teaching their children about money early. Thankfully your parents did. And I have to credit my father who has been an amazing teacher! Pretty much anyone I know who struggles with money or doesn’t understand it, has parents who struggle with money 😔 I hope this post helps someone out there! Thank you!!! 💖🌸💰

  2. Thank you so much for doing this post! The more people who are empowered for financial independence, the better! Income inequality is a global problem and the entire millennial generation is pretty much screwed. I can see why being a digital nomad is so popular because of growing inequality

  3. I agree financial independence is crucial. While my finances are very tied to my husband’s (we share everything), I know for a fact if something terrible were to happen, I would be able to take care of myself as I was a full functioning human being before him (I saved up for a condo all on my own after all). The house we live in is the second property I’ve owned (this one with him), the first of course I saved up for the down payment on my own and lived there for a few years before he came along.

    I’m so glad you had the sense of mind to (not necessarily be negative about the outcome of your relationship but more so) save for a rainy day whether it be with him or without him. Good for you!

    1. Yes, you are a financial goddess!! I love hearing stories about your journey it’s so impressive! And I’m
      So glad you get to share your expenses now with your husband, it really is so much easier. Thanks for reading Jen!! 💖

  4. There is nothing more important than this.Financial literacy is critical. Smart saving, investing, and living are key to the financial independence required to survive divorce and get to retirement as a single woman. Kudos to you for focusing on this.

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