1. I relate to this on a very extreme level! Be it my blog, or the concluding paragraph to an assignment for college, or even an instagram post, I find myself returning to just look and go through these simple things I’ve created. I used to chide myself for being self-obsessed, but recently had an inner conversation about it.

    The thing is, we’re so often taught to be critical of our work and to always strive to be even better that we forget how to actually, genuinely, and adequately appreciate what we’ve created. While ambition and self-improvement are extremely important, we also need to learn how to a see value in something we’ve put love and effort into. With social media especially, we keep holding ourselves to higher and higher standards of what it means to be created or to have created something “good” when in fact, even the simpler things can bring us joy and make us feel accomplished. I think there’s nothing wrong or out of order in appreciating ourselves and giving ourselves a warm pat on the back! Criticism is fairly easy to come by, so it’s nice to just feel peacefully, quietly proud of ourselves, for ourselves, by ourselves :))

    Your post actually helped me understand my own thought process a bit better, so thank you for that!

  2. I SO relate with you. I do the same. The number of times I re-read my posts, my emails, my messages – feeling proud of what I’ve written. I don’t know if it’s called something but it doesn’t feel like narcissism. Maybe we look to give ourselves the appreciation we don’t get from others? 🙈

    1. OMG this is just so lovely to hear I’m not the only one! And yes I agree, it feels really far from narcissism, it’s just like straight up self-admiration, but coming from the sweetest place (I think). We’ll get to the bottom of this phenomenon! I’ll let u know if I come up with any theories. Your theory sounds pretty accurate so far 💕

  3. Great post and very relatable. You have much to admire. It feels good to love and be proud of something we create. It makes me happy and boosts my confidence — and helps balance the persistent critical voice in my head. Thank you for sharing 💛

  4. Ha! Yes, I do this too!!! Including reading the emails. Maybe it’s also the desire to communicate well, and just feeling so good when it feels like, yes, I said what I wanted to say!

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