1. Try listening to Georgia Rose… I get angsty sometimes too. I know it doesn’t feel like it right now but when you get past this heartbreak I think you will find you probably deserved better than this guy and the Universe has better in store for you than you ever imagined. And btw 42 is no big deal… I’m 57 and currently single. Age is just a number – you’ve got time to have a whole lot of amazing! 😘

    1. Omg thank you!! This is such a positive and beautiful note and you are so right about my ex as well. I def know in my mind this break was like a blessing in disguise. And now I get to look forward to someone even better coming along. And I’m sending you good vibes as well, hoping you find someone fabulous, if that’s what you’re looking for!! 💖💖

  2. Conceited? Absofuckinglutely not! Your honest and authentic sharing has forged a connection with so many of us who relate to your pain and journey toward healing. It’s not easy to see rejection as the protection it is, especially when the asshole voice in our heads is on a bender. I just read a lovely post by Wayward Yoga Girl in response to your powerful words about self-love. You are inspiring and touching others, even when they haven’t had the wonderful experience of meeting fabulous you in person yet. Thank you for spreading your goddess light, Libby. Big hugs 🫂 💜

  3. Wow your haikus are beautiful and powerful! Thanks for sharing! I wasn’t around when you started that so this is the first I got to see them.

    Also I hear ya that grief is blurry. And there is a big connection between your ex and mom in the sense that you loved them and put so much hope into your relationships and didn’t quite get what you needed from them. But that is in no way a reflection of you. I am very sorry about your mom. And I’m sorry you’re experiencing grief because of your ex but I’m glad that garbage got taken out – your post with some of the things he didn’t like about you was just so not okay. Garbage was the nicest word I could think to call him.

    I am not much of a music person, feels weird saying that. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it just doesn’t typically have a presence in my everyday life. I tend to listen to audiobooks more than music. BUT when it comes to breakups, music is a definite must! I will have the same few sad and/or empowering songs on repeat! The last breakup, I listened to a lot of Fletcher’s album The S(ex) Tapes. I think I would recommend it but maybe it was just the theme last time because it came out at the right time. But if you need a banger breakup song Sara Evans “A Little Bit Stronger” is my absolute favorite because it’s a great reminder how every day further you get from the breakup you’re a little bit stronger. And I can see in your posts you’re doing exactly that!

    I also have songs that will trigger memories of ex’s because they were my break up song for them. It’s nice now because they have shifted from sad to nostalgic . For example, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” I associate with this one ex from college I almost always forget about having even dated. Honestly, probably would have if not for this song to periodically remind me. And that’s kind of a powerful feeling, being like hey it felt like the world was ending at the time but now it’s like wait ha I totally forgot about you. And I hope you’ll get to experience what I mean by this sooner than later. <3

    1. Yes, such a lovely comment thank you! I agree, it’s so, so crazy how time really does heal everything. And I can try this and try that but really, every passing day is truly what makes me stronger. It’s always comforting to hear from others who have been through it so thank you so much for everything you shared 🙏🌺☺️💖

  4. Music has helped me get through all stage of life! I have different playlists for each type of mood I may be in lol… Also, I appreciate your honesty and don’t find it conceited at all.. I don’t believe in comparing pain.. comparing one pain as greater than another.. pain and heartbreak is real and different for everyone… if we all compared our pain then no one’s hurt could ever be validated! We all deserve to be happy!

    1. Yes I totally have mood playlists! I have a “goddesses kicking ass” list and a new moon introspective one ha! Whatever we gotta do to get by works, and music I agree is sooooooooo important!!! xoxoxo

  5. First of all, you are not JUST Libby! YOU ARE LIBBY <3 <3 <3

    Also, funny story: I did a past life regression once and the guide was like you need to heal your past, and we can do that now; all of the guides (spirit, etc.) are here to help you do that. Do you want to do that? And I was like ummm if I do that, what am I gonna write about? lol Eventually, I did do it, though. But I think that's a lot of artists' mojo: pain.

    I don't really have a pain playlist. In fact, I've discovered a song that actually helps me when I'm feeling low vibe. It's by a guy named Samoht called "Be Okay." I listen to it like 3xs, cry a bit, and then I feel much better like whatever was wrong is totally fine.

    1. Ha omg that spirit guide story is hysterical! And so true though. Life is so funky because the agony of longing is sort of where much of the passion and healing and stuff of life lives. But it feeeels so awful that no one really wants to stay there. And once we obtain some peace or happiness, we can’t really latch on because it’s always going to be disturbed at some point. That’s really the truth and not a cynical thing. So after all is said and done, I love the idea of just listening to a song, crying, and then moving on. Because what else can u do but just keep going?! Thank you for this, it’s was uplifting 🌺🌺🌺🙏🙏🙏

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