1. Libby, so sorry to hear that you and your father are grieving such a pivotal person in your lives… that just must have been terrible for your father not being able to properly say goodbye… And your assessment is so true- death and its finality does really put things into perspective when we’re all going through hard times… Inch by inch, you are getting through this storm… so proud of you!

    Cake does make everything better. 🙏🧡

      1. I love seeing people move through pain (not because I love seeing people in pain!) but because it feels relatable and it’s a reminder that life hits us really low sometimes but we get back up! It’s a great reminder!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad’s best friend. That’s great that you have that diversion from the guy that hurt you. I know what you mean about breaking out of the victimhood state. I was getting pandemic fatigue (but still following the rules) and then my Mum was in the hospital 3 months ago and I snapped out of it when I saw how amazing our healthcare heros are. I am following the rules because I can’t be a burden to them. I just can’t

  3. Hope your dad’s friend is resting in peace.❤️
    I am learning so much about the grieving process through your posts that make me think of my own.
    I have to say that the loss of a person whether to death or to life – is a loss. So you shouldn’t be hard on yourself for taking your time with grieving over your break-up. I also don’t think it’s fair to yourself to compare the two losses and their pain. ❤️
    That 10 of swords card has A LOT of wisdom attached with it. I am reading this book called “The Celestine Prophecy”, I’d definitely recommend that book.

    1. M!!!!!!! I read that book years ago and it was AMAZING! omg I must read it again now, thank you so much for this reminder. You are such an inspirational goddess, and thank u always for your support 💙

  4. I love how the title of this wonderfully authentic and raw piece sets the tone for the honesty of expression that follows throughout this healing writing! <3

    1. Thank you, thank you, Jaya! Hearing this from you is a huge compliment. Can u tell I’m a fangirl?!?! 😬🙏🌺 I’m glad you got something out of this and thank u for your support. More to come!!!

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