1. Such talent!❤ Libby, there’s so much truth here. I’m saving this post, too. The power of not giving a shit is not to be underestimated. So happy Iggy encouraged you to share your light☀️
    Now, where can I get a t-shirt with “I’ve got a blog, bitch. I know who I am.” 😁😄Perfection!

  2. I really enjoy the way you write; it’s so effortless and beautiful, and it has the loveliest flow! I really relate to how having a blog helped define who you are. I’ve had my blog since the end of 2017, and having my ramblings through the years on here helps me see so clearly how much I’ve grown, and how I tend to grow. It’s become the perfect place to express all my eclectic interests as well as my passing thoughts, and I think that’s a blessing not many have. Frankly, it’s like being best friends with myself except not just in my own head, if that makes sense, hahaha!

    Thank you for this post! And “I’ve got a blog, bitch. I know who I am” has the most immaculate energy, hell yes.

    1. Ha thanks sooooo much for your thoughtful comments! I’m so glad u enjoyed and that you’ve also had a similar experience. Yes I agree, I love that “best friends with yourself idea”! Thank u 🦋☺️💕

  3. Libby, love the post! Your post totally motivated me. I’ve been so overwhelmed with work that I’ve been avoiding the blog world but your post reminded me of how therapeutic blogging can be. 🤗
    Like you – everytime I feel low – I pen down how I’m feeling here – and I instantly feel light.
    I’m so glad your friend sparked your blogging journey – it’s funny how sometimes we just need a catalyst to get going. For me – the catalyst was this pandemic.
    Here’s hoping this journey helps me find love too. 🤗❤️

  4. Amazing, I feel the same way about my blog now. It wasn’t always like that though… When I started, it was hard to get my voice to speak up, at least on a consistent basis and in a way that I thought represented value.. I kept second-guessing myself and what I had to say. Then during covid, it really hit me.. Whatever it was and still is (I hope it never leaves), creative juices maybe but I suddenly didn’t need permission to speak my mind, I didn’t need the perfect segueway.. I just needed to write, and write I did! 🙂 I enjoy reading your content!

  5. It’s amazing how the stars seem to align when we just give in to what comes naturally. While it may not have been the actual blogging that brought these things on, it seems like it was definitely the missing piece that made things click for you!

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