5 thoughts on “HOW TO GET HAPPY AT WORK”

  1. My way to be happy at work was to retire, lol. Feeling miserable at a job can truly ruin your life, enveloping everything in misery. Nothing is worth tbat.

    1. Yes agreed 💯 I’m happy you no longer have to deal with that, if you ever had to. I’m pretty lucky with my work sitch but I also TOTALLY can’t wait to retire 🌞🤣😬💖

  2. Do I ever agree! For me, I felt like I always enjoyed one/some aspect(s) of every job I’ve had and I think it’s because I always took the time to break down what it is about the job that I love. I stayed away from the traditional job title and description and really broke down all the things I loved doing about my job and also how it made me feel (confident, valued, knowledegable, needed, etc). And you’re absolutely right, one of the best parts of being at your job should be knowing/seeing how you are valued for your work and opinion, and what better way to show you this value than seeing it reflected in your pay and the positive praise you get. When the latter is off kilter, that’s typically when I feel like it’s time to move on!

    1. Yes that’s def a healthy perspective. My closest friends don’t always have that perspective but it makes such a difference! I’m glad it sounds like you’ve had good experiences this far, phew!

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