1. I noticed you weren’t blogging as much. (It’s nice when people notice these things, but we all get wrapped up in our busy lives.) I used to spend some time reading blogs part of each day, but when I get busy, that’s one of the first things I let go of. When we travel (we just went to Montana for four days to see our son and his fiancee), I told myself that I’d take those days off. The priority for me was spending quality time with them. Good for you in making the time for yourself.

    1. Aww thanks Pete! And I’m so glad you got to see your fam. I’m certain they were so happy to see you too 💖 Yes, I agree, those things often come before blogging and that’s the way it should be!

  2. Such an interesting post – about the connections between everything! It’s like you synthesized the way things tie together. Brilliant. But glad to know you aren’t going anywhere! I think you are right that there are only so many ways we can put ourselves out there, right?

    It’s funny because I think I need to blog less – I was fine with posting once a day when the romantic part of my brain wasn’t activated but now I’m all over the place distracted. Which leaves me wondering if I can pay attentions to all the parts of my life – namely my kids from whom I get most of my blogging inspiration. But hey, it’s all about finding balance, right?

    And I’ve resisted Tik Tok too – you’ve inspired me. I’ve got to check it out.

    1. Yes girl, I’m so there with the love scramble brain. I’m like so super solid when I’m single but when I’m excited about a guy it’s like I have to struggle to stay balanced as you say. With every relationship I’ve learned to abandon myself less and less (not saying you’re doing that at all!) and I also sometimes just lean into the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic, I love love, and I’m super excited to be in love! That’s not a bad thing, it’s so beautifully vulnerable to be like, “hey I’m totally scrambled right now bc of this guy.” That’s a gorgeous thing and I can’t wait to hear how it unfolds 💖💖🔥🔥

  3. I love your goddess-level self-awareness, Libby. I feel you on the distraction from blogging; the desire to take a break from stress by enjoying something you love (Cheetohs, gummies, and bourbon for me); and the peace that comes from meditation. Take care of yourself and the rest will happen in time. You are looking beautiful, BTW! 🥰 xoxo

  4. I keep resisting TikTok. It’s just so performative, and I’m an overachiever, so I can already see how it’s gonna go, but at the same time, I keep hearing people rave on and on about it.

    1. Hey Kath, yeah I think the key is to not take it seriously. It’s just kind of for fun, a way to be creative and expressive, and not really a serious or thoughtful thing 🤣 At least that’s how it is for me. But if you want to keep resisting, I support that too!! 💖💖

      1. LOL I take everything seriously, but I think I’ll probably give in at some point, and by then, there will be something new lol

      2. I totally take everything seriously too! I think that’s why I sorta like it bc it allows me to loosen my perfectionism stuff. If you do end up starting to post on there, lemme know, I’ll be your biggest fan of course! 🤣

  5. I know you wrote this post to explain your absence but all I saw was someone living their full life- even if you feel you are missing a person in it. Which, btw, I totally get. In a way, I am the opposite. When in relationships, I am always preoccupied with the relationship – how things are going, if he likes me, how long will it last, the desire to spend every waking moment with them. But as a single woman, I was very active with friends and different hobbies. So I actually admire how you are in relationships! My blog has been a great outlet for me to grab onto something that’s just my own (apart from my relationship) so that’s been my way of feeling independent!

    1. Oh thanks so much for this honesty Jen I so appreciate hearing this! And i appreciate your reminder that I can reframe my story so it’s about me living my best life and not about me longing for something I don’t yet have! Perhaps it’s both but maybe it doesn’t always have to be. Maybe it can just be empowered singleness 💖💖 Thank you!!

  6. It’s all good. I totally understand. I haven’t been blogging as much either due to a mixture of my dad’s health, stress, and not really having anything interesting to say. LOL

    Sometimes we just need time away from certain things to re-coup.

    1. Aww thank you for this lovely reassurance, I really appreciate 💖 And same to you, so what you gotta do, the blogosphere isn’t going anywhere. And sorry about your dad, I know how stressful that can be xoxox

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