1. Oh, dear Libby. I teared up reading this. Your pain is so raw and so relatable. It takes my breath away. I’ve been where you are. Also before Christmas. The same year my father died. After 7 years together. It is a numbing, surreal, out-of-body, on-auto-pilot, supremely fucked up experience. I cannot send you enough love and hugs, I know, but believe me I am sending them and will continue sending them. Oh Libby…your writing conveys such wisdom and composure as you sort out and wade through constantly changing emotions. A tsunami of emotions. Thank goddessness you have a strong support system.
    You know there’s no prescription for recovery from this shit. We can’t go around it…we have to trudge right through the muck and stink of it.
    And you will. You will be OK again. Not now. Not soon. And that is OK.
    Please try to be kind to yourself. Loving, gentle, and patient with the goddess you are. Please keep reaching out to everyone who loves you, Libby.
    Please try, when you are ready, to use your abundant heartache to create ~ in words, paint, collage, whatever. For me, creating is my enema, driving all the shit out of me so I can begin to heal, bit by bit.
    (Sorry for the gross imagery here.)

    Another dose of hugs now. Love to you, Libby❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Thank u so much, Nat, my dear friend. Your words are comforting and to know that you’ve been there and got through it. I’m so sorry for your experience as well. And yes there’s just no easy way, I just have to be in it, and it’s the fucking worst. My blog is saving me and I’ve been writing so much and I always feel better after. So there’s more to come and I hope my process will help others if they are willing to hang in there with me for the ride. Thank u for your virtual hugs, I feel them! And I hope u have a nice holiday, u deserve it as well goddess!! Thank u for being there 🌲😘🙏💖❤️‍🩹💔💪🏻💪🏾

  2. Oh Libby I’m so incredibly sorry!! I know how much you appreciated being in a loving relationship every day and it was so wonderful seeing someone like you not take your relationship for granted!

    When you described your chest pain, I was right there with you. I could remember that physical ache from a heartbreak… I can and I believe so many others can relate to how you’re feeling right now… I know you know you’ll be okay.. Sometimes it takes reminding every once in a while.

    I didn’t rush it.. Although I wanted to bc I wanted to just get it over with. I just took it minute by minute.. Distraction was my saviour! Love you!! 💞♥️💕

    1. Also, I looked back at your previous posts. It’s unbelievable you had the energy to publish content and support your blogging friends in your pain.. . 🙏🙏

    2. Thank u so much Jen, this note made my night! It’s so comforting to hear how others have gone through it too, and that I’m not alone. And yes, I do think going slow to heal is how it has to be even tho, yeah I soooooo want this to be over with asap. I know I’ll be happy again someday, and hopefully find love again too. But yeah right now is the worst. Thank u for your friendship, love u too girl!!! xo ❤️‍🩹💖💔

  3. Not many have the courage to write about their breakup in such a detailed, emotional and totally involved kind of way. While reading about her breakup, I thought I was her. That must have ripped her heart out and torn her into so many pieces. Its beyond what words can explain but still, she tried in a few words to let her soul’s feelings out for people like myself to learn from. Totally recommended reading for people interested in anything having to do with love between a man and a woman.

  4. I’m truly sorry for the heartbreak you’re going through. I feel your pain. I really do. With a 4 year old and a 6 month old, my husband somehow thought it would be okay to speak to other women. After approximately 8 months of crying, pleading, etc., I asked him to leave. It was the most difficult thing I went through, but I’m stronger for it and you will be too. ((hugs))

    1. Ugh, what is wrong with men? Really 💔 I’m so sorry for your heartbreak as well, and thank you for sharing how you overcame it. I hope you found love again, or at least happiness in your heart. xoxoxo

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