1. I love that this is where you’re at now! I also like that this can also be applied in different areas of life and not just relationships. I have definitely taken notes. All the best Libby!

    1. Yes I was hoping this would translate for others and inspire regardless of whatever life issue is tripping us up. I’m SO happy you got something out of this! And more to come, thank you 😊💖

  2. Good for you, Libby! Society really favours the entangled more than the singles and it was most frustrating to me to see that when I was single for a good decade! That’s the only reason I ever felt the heaviness of being single… all the little trigger reminders that otherwise I wouldn’t really notice was sort of always thrown in my face… I think as long as you can find happiness in each moment (appreciate your surroundings, think of how alternatively it could be much worse, and believe that other good things are in your future) then YOU are doing amazing! 🙂 Good luck on your dating journey! Last point, I think dating others also reveals to us more things about us we didn’t know (our wants, quirks, dislikes, etc). 🙂

    1. Yes to EVERYTHING yes!!! Thank u so much, and it’s comforting to hear you feel my pain of the single person’s pressure, it’s such a real thing. And yes, gratitude and trying to enjoy each moment has been really helpful. I have so much to be grateful for, and so much more to come! Thanks for sharing always. I know our lives look completely different right now, but I still feel a mutual overlap and a kindredness with my bosssybabe, so thank you so much for being such a lovely blogging friend!! xoxo

      1. aww thanks for being a kind friend always! I know I’ve missed some posts but the damn cold won’t leave me alone… I was sick two weeks ago then Charlotte got sick or I caught her cold I’m not sure but then now I am SICK again! It’s unbelievable!!! grrr trying to get through each day to be honest :/

      2. Omg I’m soooooo sorry, that is so awful! And when you’re sick, the best way to care for yourself is to rest and do nothing. But as a mother, that’s literally impossible! Oy, that sucks so bad, no worries about missing my posts, omg you have more important things 🤒😷🤕🤧 I hope you get better soon, I’m sending healing vibes your way!

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