1. I so feel you, Libby. I can feel your pain through your though process – trying to make sense of it all. My last break up was brutal especially since he started dating someone right after. 🙈 I couldn’t sleep at night and as the sun would set, I’d end up having a panic attack every evening. I’d barely sleep and my first thought after waking up would be him. But time heals everything. It took me a long while after to appreciate the fact that the relationship not working out was the best thing since he was so toxic to me.
    I’m glad you are understanding why it wasn’t meant to be with him. I hope you’ll find closure soon. Your angels will guide you there. ❤️

    1. Your words are so beautiful and comforting to me M, thank u ❤️‍🩹 I know I’ll get to a place of feeling clearer and at peace with all of it. But yeah, right now, I’m like on a loop in my brain going over and over all the details. But hopefully soon I can snap out of that and be at peace. I think it takes time as you said. Thank you for understanding, it really helps to hear 💖🙏

  2. You’re doing great, Libby!

    You’re right. Usually people have issues with the nighttime.. That’s me. You are much stronger than I would ever be- looking at the bright side, keeping your spirits positive and getting in your needed sleeps. It’s tough, but if anyone can do it I think it’d be you! Stay strong! ❤️

  3. I’m with you, Libby. In times of heartache, I HATE the daylight and especially bright, sunny days. I have never slept well, but the darkness of night gave me permission to pull the covers over my head in bed. I needed to hibernate. I feel your pain and applaud your positive outlook in spite of the heartbreak. Be patient with yourself and this long, rocky process of healing. ❤❤

    1. Thank you Natalie 💖 And so interesting you’ve had the same experience with the nighttime. It’s still true for me, daytime is still a struggle and the nights are still pretty bliss. One day at a time I hope it eventually gets easier. I’m not there yet! 😘😬❤️‍🩹

  4. Thanks for sharing your dreams. It sounds like you’re getting some great perspective on things. I have a quote about rough nights that I put on a photo for one of my blog posts that you’re welcome to check out. I’ll send it to you too

  5. I remember telling someone who was in an abusive relationship that it took more strength to leave than to stay, and your post today affirms that. I’m glad you’re getting the healing you need right now.

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