1. I SO get you, hun. During my PMS days I’m a MONSTER – I have no control over my emotions – it’s only after an outburst that I sit back and realise what I’ve done. Or I end up crying all night only to wake up the next day, check my tracker and know why. I wish it didn’t have to be this way though. It makes me feel weak – not having control over my emotions. 😓

    1. Thank u, that’s so validating! I don’t really hear many females discuss their hormones or PMS, but it’s so helpful to hear about it from others. Yeah, I dunno what’s to be done, but I won’t give up my search for a deeper meaning or purpose behind it! I’ll let u know what I discover ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hormones wreaked pure havoc on my life when I was menstruating. Then in menopause, more ups and downs. I’m supposedly in post-menopause now, but still rely on hormone replacement pills. Mood swings are real and damaging and scary. Thank you for sharing your story. Powerful post❤❤🤗

  3. Thanks for sharing! I can compare that I went through much worse roller coaster emotions when I was married than when I wasn’t, because the difficulties I experienced seemed only to amplify the hormonal responses. The first marriage was with a drug addict who stopped using drugs but transferred his addiction to work, and the second was a narcissist who was addicted to trying to achieve his dream at the expense of everything and everyone. With the second one I was also going through menopause. Even though going through difficult menstruations and menopause are difficult, looking back I see that the difficulties in my marriages didn’t help me to handle my hormonal cycles but only amplified my anxiety and anger. I didn’t take hormone therapy, (still don’t) but now when I practice personal calming techniques and use herbs, I feel soooo much calmer and able to handle my emotions than I was able to before!

  4. It’s mad that female hormones and periods are still such a taboo subject. I love this post and that you are breaking down barriers. Mood swings can make you feel so vulnerable and the more women share our experiences, the easier acceptance will be for everyone <3

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