1. You already know my views on the topic but after reading the post, I kind of understand your point of view more. I do think that the stress of this digital age and social media has made people want to portray their lives as perfect. Come to think of it, I’ve never shared any of my woes on my real IG. It’s only on my blog that I get raw and let it all out. While I don’t mind people sharing about their perfect lives, I do feel a camaraderie with those who share the not so glossy parts of their lives.

    Also, I hate those people who ask you the most annoying questions at the most weird times. A lady once asked my mum point blank at a wedding about why I wasn’t getting married and why my sister wasn’t having kids despite being married for a while now. Shet met us all after 5 years and this was her first question. 😑

    1. Yes thanks so much M for being open to my point of view, and I totally value yours as well! And it also sounds like we have some overlap. I like the way you put it that you feel a sense of camaraderie with those who share more, and I agree as well. Thank you always for your support, even when our views differ!! 😘😘😘 Also sorry for that silly commmet that woman made to your mother. Yes, not helpful at all! I also discovered in therapy yesterday that I’m in an anger phase of my grief process, so I think that explains the anger coming through in some of my recent posts, including l this one 😬

  2. I understand what you mean. I do get a vibe about people’s pages or blogs that there definitely has to be something going on there that they aren’t sharing because their stuff is just so plastic. There’s no depth there. I mean, I understand certain things like travel posts are generally positive, but you can still give a heads up about certain problems. I’m not interested in people’s perfect life either. It’s like I find myself waiting for those people to do a post with some depth to it

  3. Beautifully crafted post, Libby. I agree with you. Social media encourage us to covet the unattainable, while also giving us a platform to share our struggles. I love how open and vulnerable and brave you are, and I’m sure all your readers do too. 💜💜💜💜

  4. We often see others and compare our lives with others.
    We see if certain person is earning is this much money, we want from earn more than them
    This is not a perfect life, where we run behind others and forget basic things we already have.
    We mask up our emotions to show that we are happy, although we are sad from the inside.
    A great share The Goddess Attainable, Best wishes.

      1. I would like to read more!!
        Honestly you write beautifully and candidly!!
        I want to spend a proper time on your blogs, your blogs are surely a long read but it made me think a lot after reading it.
        I don’t want to skim read and want my undivided attention towards your blog. I hope you don’t mind the notifications.

      2. I know my posts are long, I always have so much to say, but I hope my words pack a punch. I’m trying to make them shorter from here on out because I’ve heard this from a few people now 😬☺️

      3. I am not criticising your work mam!!!
        You got me wrong
        I am trying to say, your work is long read and I want to read them peacefully, I could’ve just randomly like your blogs and disappear, But I want to read them and enjoy them. I respect the hard work you have given towards your blogs. I really appreciate that, and that’s why I want to read them slowly so that I don’t miss anything.
        I’m sorry for offending you

  5. Gotta admit, I did think this post was about me. But perhaps it’s like the portrait effect, where a painting always seems to look at you no matter where you go.

    And no, don’t shorten your posts! I love how informative they are right now.

    This is exactly why I love sharing about how much of a slob I was, and how uneducated I am for dropping out of high school, because there are people who want to write for a living, and if I can do it with my circumstances, anyone can.

    Great points to this post. Am looking forward for more!

    1. Nooooo it was 💯 not about you or anyone. But the tone was very in your face I know, so I can see why everyone who reads this is afraid! 🤣 and thank you for your thoughts on blog length. I’m still kinda paranoid that I give everyone read exhaustion, but I do really have so much to say. So I will consider this also, thank u for the support!!

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