1. I relate with your journey SO much. I know how it feels to have that relationship that you’ve longed for in your hands and watch it slip away. I have been single for 5 years now and it’s been disheartening to keep up the job search! But we’re going to keep the faith and hope love finds us soon. ❤️

      1. I’ll say right off the starting gate that I may possibly be dog paddling in unknown waters, but I do love a good swim.
        Roe vs Wade ( palm slap to the forehead). I mean good God I thought I was watching news showing in a dimension where advancement travels backward instead of evolving in a forward direction. I’ll leave that touchy subject to stew though as I’m a fella and really have no grasp on that mockery of everything just for women.
        As for work and love I suspect what’s causing you all the trouble is that a) clearly you are beautiful b) clearly you are intelligent.
        Now there are beautiful and intelligent women with careers obviously, but are you ruthless? I think ruthlessness is required and some just don’t have it ( this is a good thing).
        I could blah blah for the next hour, but I’m going to spare you the sleepiness that is my droning. Please excuse my perspective should you find it offensive in any way, certainly wasn’t intended and I mean this as one soul to another,
        You are loved.

      2. I don’t consider myself to be ruthless at work or in love and I’m curious about why you think that’s a requirement. I always enjoy the male perspective so feel free to expand on that idea if you wish 🌺

  2. Love that pic of you, Libby! YOUR SKIN LOOKS FREAKING AMAZING (sorry, I know that’s not what this post is about lol but damn)!!!

    I never know what to say as I don’t want to sound like I’m giving out advice or hollering from a better place because I truly don’t believe that.. I feel like we are all on our own journeys and just because I may be married it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am happier than all of my single friends… that being said… even though I AM currently married, I do remember feeling this exact way… I had a serious first boyfriend for 3 years until the age of 20 and then single for a full decade (single meaning I dated here and there but nothing ever lasted more than 3 weeks) until I met my husband at the age of 30…

    For the first half of that decade, I was picky as shit… I just wanted the best fella and when I found someone I thought I could spend some time with, I had the highest expectations and would feel devastation each time it didn’t end up the way I thought it would (I distinctly remember thinking, CAN’T I BE WITH SOMEONE FOR LONGER THAN ONE SEASON OR LONGER THAN IT TAKES ME TO FINISH A DAMN BOOK??!)… then as time kept flying by and friends kept getting married and having babies, I remember thinking holy shit I need to get my shit together… then I sort of changed my perspective… I thought, there are thousands of guys out there… I really need to just get through as many as I can (i.e. go on dates and experiment and sift through the B.S.) until one sticks… and often times I’d see one tiny red flag, which in my early 20s I would explain away, but in my late 20s I decided I’d investigate every single red flag and if it was suspicious or incompatible with me and the relationship I saw myself having, I would leave or end it right away and move on to the next search…

    If a relationship is what you want, I say persevere… keep going!

    1. Ha thank you for the skin compliment I’ll totally take that any time!!! And thanks for sharing your timeline story. It actually sounds similar to mine leading up to Mike and with him I thought he was the one. So now everything’s just turned upside down. And yes, I’m def dating dating dating, turning over every rock and not sitting on my hands just hoping. But I guess my path is what it is. And as you say, perservere and that’s absolutely what I intend to do! But it sucks right now 🤣🌺🙏💖😬😭

      1. Well I suppose that for a women to make it in the Men’s club of CEO elite etc… She would have to be ruthless. Not necessarily in her heart, but on the battlefield of business for certain.
        Again, I speak from observation, Hollywood movies and a complete lack of actual research into the matter.
        God willing I’ve brightened your day with my perception and how it probably conflicts with the actual reality of things along with the obvious confession that I have no clue what I’m talking about.😉

      2. I think corporate settings require a bit more toughness and luckily I don’t work in that kind of environment, so my authentic personality is welcomed and supported. Thanks always for sharing, I really appreciate it!

  3. What a clever metaphor, GA, and your comparisons are spot on. I can relate too. Rejection and loss — from a job or a loved one — are painful and scary and emotional AF. I love how you are creating and sharing your own healing journey. Hugs!💜

  4. Well, I was single until age 35. Then I had a 30 year marriage. Now I’m single again.

    The first time I was single I expected it would always be that way and just accepted my life as it was. Kind of like where you are now. I’d heard somewhere that “the one” would come along when you least expect it so I would occasionally say to myself “I least expect it” until it finally happened. Mind you, I hadn’t given up looking but clearly had lowered my expectations. IDK, maybe in the long run, given my current status, they were too low?

    Anyway, in love and work and life, here’s a mantra that got me through those unexpected and often tough times. “Roll With It (Baby)” with thanks to Steve Winwood

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