1. Going with the flow is so hard because it requires infinite trust, so I struggle with this. Even trusting my body to float in actual water is something I’ve yet to master. What a wonderful aspiration, though. One day…

  2. I can’t imagine myself floating happily in any body of water but mostly because I can’t swim and that, in itself, makes this a very fearful scenario for me lol (I hope one day to learn how to swim)! But yes, I can absolutely relate to the idea of letting go of control and trusting in the process.. both of which I’ve always had a tough time with… when you can’t let go of control and trust anyone or any process, you tend to build walls, walls so high you may not even remember or know how to demolish eventually… so I so relate to this analogy…

    1. Oh wow, thank u for making that connection between trust and walls. Damn I’m sure I have that going on as well and it’s a good reminder. Walls are ok sometimes to keep the riff raff out of course but yeah, there needs to be openings as well to let others in. Imma reflect on this more, thank u for sharing!

  3. One of the most helpful mantras I’ve learned is “Everything is working out for my highest good.” I think it applies here, too. I’m not really a flow with life type of person, but depending on specific situations, that is my natural way. For example, traveling to a new city/country, whatever, I’m more floating down the river, but then when I get there, I’m looking for some familiar rocks on the side lol

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