1. I can relate to all of this. I am a talker and listening to others required a level of patience and self-control I didn’t have. At 61 I have improved. I actually tell myself, “Today I will listen,” as part of my morning intentions ritual. I’m coming along with meditating. It is what it is. I listen well to nature, and make a point of it on my solo walks. I listen to my body out of necessity. Listening is an art and I am improving with age. Sounds like you are light years ahead of where I was 20 years ago. Well done! 💜

  2. I must say I have been toying with the idea of meditation for some time but like you, my mind is often cluttered and there’s constant chatter that I have a hard time shutting off. It sounds totally weird but in order for me to go to bed I literally have to be so tired and in a dissociative state or a state of constant distraction in order for my body to finally shut down for the night… Totally unhealthy… Trying to get back to the things that helped me before like reading, more writing and therapy (although would much prefer in-person therapy).. Also I need to learn to just sit and be with myself and others around me.. I have a hard time listening sometimes and I see it clearly but hard for me, again, to stop it.. Lots of things to think about!

    1. Thanks for sharing all that, your self-awareness is really admirable 💕if it makes you feel better, when I meditate, I only last for 6 minutes. But that’s better than nothing and I notice a difference even with that short time. I set a timer and just like “survive” it for 6 minutes. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey!

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