1. A phenomenal article. I love how you’re embracing your “French” self and we all should too. Paris is not the city of fashion for nothing- it’s a stereotype that French women look effortlessly chic but isn’t that also the truth?
    It’s amazing that you’ve chosen a different path and embrace your silver strands rather than colouring them to a temporary façade of youth, which will anyway wash off in a few sessions at the shower 😛
    Celebrities are setting a wrong example by “un-romanticising” ageing. It’s their choice Ofcourse, but people do look up to them and I wish SOMEONE stands out in the crowd by embracing the natural beauty that comes with age. Keep being the Goddess that you are and keep inspiring! 💖

    1. Thank u thank u for this lovely and super supportive feedback! And yes to all your points. Especially about celebrity culture. We really do look to them, as much as we hate to all admit. So it would be amazing if they used their fame for more goddess vibes!! Some women do, but not enough. 🙏🌺💖😘

  2. I absolutely love this! Being part French and having that culture be an influence on my life has been an awesome thing!

  3. I have come to embrace my silver threads like you! I also have never really been to concerned about having silver hair, I find it attractive on men and enjoy it on women.

    I agree, there’s something magnificently effortless about French beauty although I never really thought about it before. Also, even the way they put themselves together.. Just seems like very little fuss and I appreciate that.

    With regards to flaws, I do have things I’m self-conscious of but I’ve come to accept them.. I don’t think I’ve embraced it, I’ve just stopped worrying about them like I used to! No time! 🙂

    1. Yes that makes sense! I find if and when I’m feeling not so great about my looks, I just avoid mirrors and that seems to help!! 🤣🤣 I love that you embrace your goddess grays too yay!!! 🤍🤍

  4. Great post. I’m working my way into not giving a shit as much, and I have to say, it’s quite liberating. My greys are coming through, and I’m just going to let them be. I haven’t died my hair since the pandemic began. I will continue to dabble in makeup and skincare, because I just love it, but the process is a bit different, i.e. more focus on skincare (like you) and a little less on the quantity of makeup I put on, including less shimmery eyeshadow. LOL.

    1. Ohhhh I’ve JUST started using shimmery eyeshadow for the first time ever and I kinda love. I mean if it makes u happy and feel all glowy and goddessy, a little glitter never hurt anyone 🤣 I’m so glad you’re letting your grays just be. They look so beautiful when they grow in naturally! Thanks so much for reading and I’m so glad u enjoyed 💖

  5. “Because what our feelings about our own beauty come down to are simply a reflection of our own self-worth.” AMEN, Sister! Fabulous post, GA ❤ I love the power and confidence you convey💫❤

  6. I love the ’embracing your flaws’ bit. It’s taken me a long time to get there. Have I told you before that I love your hair? They’re gorgeous!
    Courage to change who you are – I couldn’t agree more. As much as I am a huge advocate for loving yourself just as your are, there is no reason you can’t change and try something new. I’ve recently started experimenting with make-up and I like it so much. It makes me so confident. But I try to keep it as natural as possible to still be true to myself and only do it for like special occasions.
    And yes, to the therapist part too. It was my last therapist that made me understand how less I loved and appreciated myself – sparked a change in me. 🙈

    I love the post!! ❤️

    1. Ohhh it means so much that you love this, thank you! Of course a part of me had you in mind when I wrote it 😊 U know I love your hair as well! We have hair crushes on each other! 🤣 Yeah I definitely think it’s a journey for each woman, and the journey twists and turns too. I NEVER thought I’d be a makeup person, but trying for the first time in my life, I’m having so much fun. So I’m just going with that because it feels right. Thanks again for reading 💖💖💖

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