1. Wow! I’m excited, and I’m not even going on the date. Hope things go well for you.

    1. Ha thanks Pete! So this was a few weeks ago actually and it didn’t work out 😕 it wasn’t terrible or anything, but he was just way different in person and I wasn’t feeling a romantic connection. Oh well, that’s how this goes! But I’m so glad this post pulled you into the drama for a moment! 🤣

      1. Our son recently got engaged, and we’re looking forward to having a daughter-in-law (I come from a family of four boys and no girls.) My wife and I have just the one son. Your post made me think about those days when he (still living at home at the time) was out late on a date. As a parent you lie in bed half awake, waiting to hear the front door, so that you can truly fall asleep. Having been married 35 years, it’s been a long a long time since I was in your shoes. I hope a great guy comes along soon.

      2. Thank you for sharing, I know it’s also so tough watching a loved one struggle with all of this dating nonsense. And it can also be like watching a movie, hoping for that happy ending but not knowing! 🤣 I’m happy for your son and new daughter-in-law! And thank you for sending me good wishes, I hope someone comes along soon as well!! Also, congrats on 35 years! 💖💖💖

  2. ESTABLISH AS MUCH COMFORT AND CERTAINTY AS POSSIBLE BEFORE THE DATE- Something that helps me with this is to pick the place for the first date and choosing a place that I’ve been to and liked. It’s just comforting to go to a place that you’ve been and it also shifts my focus from the place (ambience and food) to my date.

    I also feel like the more I like a guy, the more nervous I get for the first date. So I try to keep my feelings in check.

    And OMG, about the photos – YESSSS. My rule is to use photos from less than a year back. Generally before meeting a guy I do go through their IG and LinkedIn to make sure I have all the correct information. 🙈🤣

    I know it isn’t the ideal situation but I really like discussing our dating lives and having someone to share this part of my life with.❤️ And thank you for always giving me great advice!

    PS: I’m planning to meet this other guy (not the one I told you about) for a date tonight. Will message you after.

    1. Yes girl, we’re on the same page, as always!!! And I LOVE having you to talk to about this. You’re one of my only single friends and you also date exactly the way I do, so I seriously treasure you and our chats! Yes can’t wait to hear about your new date, tell me tell me!

    1. Good I’m glad you connected with it! I also recommend my goddess dating guidelines article about sex and safety that every single woman should read! Keep me posted on your journey, we’ll all figure this out together 💖💖💖

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