11 thoughts on “IT’S TIME TO LET MY EX GO, FOR REAL”

  1. I did the same with my ex but I didn’t know that it was thing people really did. A whole year after our break up and not moving on, I was out walking by the sea with my sister on my birthday and felt this need to just let it go. I sat down by the sea side. I had his photo in my wallet. I talked to it and told him I need to let go, tore the photo and threw it in the sea (i literred :(). It felt SO good to do like a weight lifted off of me. Exactly how you felt! And since it was in public too, I couldn’t cry but I teared up.
    It really does work but it took more work for me to finally close the door on his chapter. (I was holding on to some anger for a long time)
    Hoping this helps you heal sooner. ❤️

    1. So beautiful this story! And how you naturally just did this. And most beautifully, with nature as your witness. 🌊 I love this M, thank you for sharing!! ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

  2. This seems like a very healthy exercise, though I was unfamiliar with it. Symbolic gestures have a way of becoming real. Your one-sided conversation was touching.

  3. I’m here thanks to Jen at BosssyBabe. I’ve never done a cord cutting but I can understand how it could help you move on. I have done the bit where you write someone’s name on a slip of paper, freeze it in an ice cube, then bury the cube in the backyard. In the dirt. To get them out of your life, while allowing them to thrive elsewhere.

    1. Ha yes I’m actually doing that too with my ex 🤣 although I don’t bury it because it seems to keep him near. I’m going to take the ice cube to a stream today and let it go. I’m like trying to get him out of every aspect of my existence! Thanks for visiting, I’m glad you came 🌺 I enjoy your blog as well and follow you because of Jen, who is the bessssssstttttt!

  4. I suggested this to one of my daughters. I can tell she hasn’t done it because, well, you know how relationships go.

    Anywho, I think the bungee cords are symbolic…like bouncing back and still connected, yet hanging on. Apologies, I got all pseudo-metaphysical lol

    I do hope that this is the finale for you and him <3

    1. Yes thank you Kath! It’s def 💯 over there’s no going back. Still might be wrestling with sadness here and there. And hopefully a new love will heal all wounds! xoxoxo good luck to your daughter, it’s so hard 💖😬☺️🤪❤️‍🩹🌺

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