1. Good Luck, Libby! I recently read three books (two were specifically about love), and it has really opened my mind to a lot of things. One thing you’ve mentioned is something each book said–we develop a romantic fantasy idea of what love is, and of course, that’s not what love is at all.

    Sending you some positive energy on this journey of yours <3

      1. I can. The first is Will Smith’s memoir, called Will. The second is All about Love by bell hooks, and the third (don’t laugh) is The 5 Love Languages. They’re all totally different books, but taught me so much. I think All about Love would be best.

        I have post coming out about them on V-day.

      2. Girrrrrlll I’m literally reading All About Love now! And I’ve never read the love languages book, but I’ve taken the quiz and know my love
        Languages🤣😊 oh I need to check out Will’s book, he’s fascinating! Thank U for this 🙏🌸

      3. Are you??? That’s insane! I highly recommend actually reading the love languages book. I thought it was as easy as taking the quiz, but it’s a little bit deeper than that, not 12ft deep, but not in the shallow end as much as I thought lol

      4. Ok I totally will. Bc I seriously believe in those love languages. I always make my closest loved ones take the quiz so that I can just understand them more and I think it’s fascinating also. I’m so excited you shared this thank you! Ps I started reading the bell hooks book since she recently passed and it was just on my radar. And I read a quote about her breakup that really resonates with how I was feeling about mine. So yes, obvs she’s amazing ♥️

      5. These three books have literally changed how I interact with people. Looking forward to hearing what you think when you finish.

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