1. This brought memories of my mom’s passing. I was the youngest of her four boys and none of the other brothers lived anywhere close. She had lived a full life and her dementia over the last five years had made her life more difficult. Falls led to long hospital stays. Part of what made it tricky was I was trying to listen to the doctor’s best guess as to when mom might pass so that I could call my brothers out at the appropriate time. As it turned out, she passed sooner than expected. One brother was in an airplane in route when Mom passed. Some singers at Hospice came into her room and asked if I’d like them to sing to her. Mom was a deeply religious person, and I thought she might like that. They were in the middle of their second beautiful song when Mom’s chest quit rising. I felt sad but also relieved for her as the last few years were hard on her. I don’t know that there is an ideal way to go, but this seemed like it was meant to be the way it happened.

    1. Thank you for sharing this Pete, I really appreciate hearing it. And wow that must have been hard to manage caretaking for your mother all on your own without the support of your siblings. It’s true, I trust that when a person leaves this Earth, it’s part of some kind of divine plan. But yes, I agree, there’s no easy way to experience it. Thanks again for sharing this 💖

    2. Thank you, Pete, for sharing your story and for reading mine. Being in the presence of your mom dying is an honor. And also so difficult. It’s still very fresh for me, so being able to share this story and read others experiences is very Cathartic.

    1. Yes her words were so perfect and powerful I agree. Oh I’m so sorry for what you’re going through with your mother, and also grieving for your friend. My heart feels for you, I can feel it in my chest. Big hugs to you and your mother 💖💖

  2. My father died moments before my stepmother and I arrived (after making funeral arrangements), and I’m very grateful. I’ve always said that I could never endure watching/waiting for someone to die, and this story proves me right.

    1. Aww yes, and I always want to assume that he knew that about you and didn’t want you to suffer or something. My grandmother passed before my dad could make the trek to see her and he was ready to drive through a blizzard from PA to VT and she passed the morning he was going to leave. And even though I felt bad that he missed seeing her, I was so relieved that he was safe, and I thought she must have done that for his safety. Those are just my thoughts, not pushing them onto you, but I think it’s a lovely idea. 💖 Thank you for sharing always!

      1. No worries. I totally agree. My family and I were actually in Japan for 2 weeks when his health declined, and I honestly think he waited for me to get back, come to hospice, and make funeral arrangements, because he literally died moments before we came back to hospice once everything was settled.

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