1. First, that childhood photo is so cute. ❤️

    To be honest, I do think of you as “too much” but my meaning of that is – too full of life and energy and zeal! I love how excited you are about so many things. Your excitement rubs off on me. And I love this about you.

    About being annoying – we all are in our own ways. Aren’t we? 🙈 I think the people who love us, love us despite how annoying we are.

    I’m going to text you to know more about this sex life bit. My questions might be TMI for on here.

    I love how weird we are. We are the kind of weirdos that bring colour into this monotonous world! It would be all grey without us.

    Girl, you are amazing. I understand that we all grapple with our own insecurities, no matter what anyone else says. As much as you see these things as something to be insecure about, I think these things just make you uniquely you. Sending you hugs!

    1. Girllll thank you so much! Every word made my day here and my body is covered in happy goosebumps now! This is also totally screenshot worthy and I’m gonna capture it so I can refer back to it whenever I need it! And yes, feel free to text me anything about sex, u know I’m an open book!! xoxoxox 🌞

  2. Libby, I love hearing about your childhood! That throwback pic of you is soo sweet! 🙂 Makes me wonder what type of woman Charlotte will grow up to be because your pic reminded me that we were all little girls with dreams once! 💓

    I definitely have a lot of insecurities myself (more so with looks) than anything, but the usual suspects like am I pretty enough, fit enough, etc… I’ve never had insecurities about my personality because that was the one thing I knew I had control over… and honestly I always told myself, “if you hate me that means you don’t really know me and if you don’t really know me then that’s a shame for you!”

    In terms of relationships I’ve had.. .when I was younger (in my late teens and most of my 20s), I often erroneously associated my self-worth based on my relationship status. Being attached made me feel a sense of value, but later in life I realized (I realized it while single and also now that I am married) how toxic that is to my soul.. that I myself am not good enough unless I have someone who I believe loves me… I’m still on that journey to correct that thinking… it’s tough to undo what you spent years believing…

    1. I sooooo appreciate your real and raw honesty, thank you so much for sharing. Yes I think the more I can acknowledge my insecurities, the more I can really accept myself, and love myself for all of it. Hopefully with time, I can realize that these things I feel about myself are just illusions, or things that make me lovably flawed, and not unlovable. I also completely understand attaching worth to our relationship status, you know I do! And I think society doesn’t help us with this and has been teaching us this probably since grammar school that this is where our value lies, and our ability to land a man is really the true rest of a woman. Which is not true of course, but wow it can feel true when we’ve been believing it for decades. Thank u always, you’re the bestest! xoxo

  3. Powerful, creative, self-aware, smart visionaries annoy the folks who aren’t. It sucks feeling unappreciated and I so get what you’re talking about. I think I’m getting better at embracing who I am, warts and all, but it’s definitely a journey of baby steps forward and big leaps backward. You are absolutely right about insecure men in bed too. (Remember my 🐓/dick comment?) If a grown man can’t have a healthy, honest discussion about sex and preferences in bed without getting upset and nasty, then that’s 100 PERCENT HIS ISSUE. 👋🏽 Bye, boy, bye 👋🏽

    1. Thank you thank you understanding, and especially for that first sentence. That makes me feel fabulous thank you! All that you said I love and it’s just nice knowing that there are other women out there who experience these kind of subtle things that are hard to pinpoint and that make you feel like you’re the crazy one. Thank you! 😘

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