1. Thanks so much for sharing your stories about your mother with us, Libby. I love that you’re digging deep and seeing what all this means. I have to admit, the picture of your mom was jarring at first but that’s only because I thought that’s how she dressed on any ordinary day lol so I found it amusing that it was actually a Halloween costume!

    My mother embarrassed me my whole life – she didn’t actively do anything to embarrass me, it was what she didn’t do, how she didn’t behave that embarrassed me. But with age, I learned that she was who she was and perhaps the part of me that was embarrassed as a kid was more so how I thought others viewed her as a branch of me… and firstly, who cares what other ppl think (but when you’re a kid, that’s all you care about because you want to fit in), and secondly, she is her individual self… how she carries herself has nothing or very little to do with me so me taking that on was a huge unnecessary undertaking…

    Am I fun? I would like to think so! The biggest compliment anyone can ever give me is that I am a good mother and that I make them laugh lol…. it fills my bucket like no other! So yes, I would like to think I am fun 🙂 but I can also be super intense! 🙂

    1. Ha yeah I’m def a fun / intense kind of person too! Thank you for sharing about your mother as well, it’s so normal I think, even though it feels so individual. Thanks always for reading and sharing Jen! 💖

  2. Libby, I can definitely say you are a fun and lovely person! I love fun and am good at making my own, though I was always shushed and criticized by my mother for laughing too loudly and being too silly. I love how you can look at all sides of your mother, and how she influenced the woman you are. I’m trying to do that. The mixed media 2002 piece shown here is one of my favorites. Hugs 💜

    1. Aww thank you, I love how supportive you are of my art. And if it makes you feel better, I’ve only been able to make this kind of peace with my mother because she’s no longer alive. It’s really hard to do that in the face of the person who hurts you on a regular basis. But I root for you and can confirm you are so fun and lovely as well!!! xoxoxo

  3. Addicts: I think they’re fun because they’re usually free from the constraints of the world, kind of like your mother.

    Your mother: Your assessment of her sounds accurate, even though I didn’t know her. It sounds like pretending/dissasociating or whatever was her go to to escape <3

    This series is dope. I would read a whole book about your mom.

    1. Kathy, thank you! You know, my best friend has been telling me to write a book and I started one about her. But I really don’t know what I’m doing?!?! So I sorta stopped. Any guidance you have (classes? Just write and see?) please let me know. Ps I LOVE that you think this is dope, I’m beyond flattered!

  4. First, sorry for missing out on reading this post. I’ve been so behind on catching up on blogs.
    Second, it’s crazy how I’ve always imagined your mom to be an extrovert. Although after reading this post, I feel like I relate with her more. I’m kind of quirky too and after trying to fit in for a long time, I decided to stand out (and quietly). I feel like she was similar. 🙂
    And parents are always embarrassing their kids! My parents embarrass me even now as a 30 year old adult. 🙈
    I love reading about your mom and look forward to reading more.
    PS: I think you’re a really fun person. ❤️

    1. Aawww thanks M! Yeah that’s an interesting way to describe her, trying to stand out quietly. I think that’s actually pretty accurate! That’s so interesting that you kind of identify with that as well I love that 🤩🤩 Thank you for reading, and there will def be more to come!

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