1. I relate with you SO much! I tried to force that fantasy man image onto my ex and tried to ignore the MANY signs that we weren’t compatible. I’d keep saying we are like Monica and Chandler (they were my perfect fantasy couple) even though we were FARRRR from their perfect equation. ARGH. I think I’ve always craved that security too – just because the world hasn’t always been kind to me. But here’s hoping 2022 brings us our loves. 🙂

    1. Aww think u! And of COURSE we made the same mistakes, we’re like twins in so many ways 🤣 Thank u for sharing, it makes me feel way less stupid knowing I’m not the only one. I Love that you projected Monica and Chandler! And that’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with wanting love. We’re gonna get this right!! 💖🌸😘

  2. The good thing is that you have identified the issues and are willing to work on them. I’m also a bit of a weirdo in love… back in the day I used to create such huge fantasies and ignore every single red flag, convincing myself that me and whoever we destined to be. That lead to being cheated on, being exploited for money and just a bunch of other things that make me wonder if maybe someone abducted my body and lived my life terribly on my behalf 😅
    I once dated someone who was so not compatible … we were from different cultures, different social classes, we had different ideologies and had different morals. The only thing we had in common was the city we lived in, and that was enough for me to even buy property with him 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, this is so comforting to hear that I’m not the only one. Even tho I’m sorry for all those painful experiences u went through. But I guess that’s how u learned. And this is how I’m learning. Thank u for you support, it means the world! xo 💖🙏🦄

  3. As always, I’m in awe of you GA. We all do this shit, and it always traces back to our childhood. But not all of us are wise and strong and self-aware enough to identify our patterns — especially while in the throes of healing from heartbreak. You are making tremendous progress, Libby! Even through pain, your goddess light is shining brightly. Hugs XOXO❤

    1. Thank you, Natalie! I really hope that all this healing and awareness leads me to something better, I really do. Because this shit is so fucking un-fun and I really want to be through it. I’m so lucky to have you and your support, thank u! 🌸❤️‍🩹😘

  4. Oy I’d be a millionaire if someone paid me for each love mistake I’ve made… And I seem to always make the same ones… being too reliant like you said (love dispelling fear of being unsafe, thunderstorms, dirt – so true!), too focused on what others think, too focused on looking like the perfect couple instead of working on our flaws individually and together, letting the small things get to us while not communicating about the things we should be discussing like how we feel or how we want to feel together.. and finally, not focusing on my own interests enough (which I am getting better at)! I know you’re thanking us but have to thank you as well, for sharing your tough journey. 💕

    1. Yes I always have to thank you, mostly for validating and being my witness. But to hear that my words and journey might also be helping others is so rewarding and amazing. It seriously never gets old for me! And thank u again for sharing so honestly about yourself and your relationship. Women get nowhere by pretending to be perfect with each other. 🌺💖🌸😘

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