1. I don’t use Pinterest at all. But I also don’t use a lot of social media in general to promote my blog. I literally just started my IG page (2 years into blogging) but I’ll probably give it a try. I do want to get more organic and search engine views. But arghhhhh, I’m lazy! 😭

    1. Ha I know the feeling! I think I just like Pinterest because it appeals to my visually creative side so it’s fun to make designs. But you couldn’t pay me to do that daily! Ha well actually you could and I totally would 🤣 But honestly, I’m lazy too 😬

  2. I’m trying with Pinterest, and I am starting to see encouraging results…but sometimes I feel like- is it worth it? I’ll try and stick with it, I suspect it’s a long term game and I’ve never stuck with it long enough or consistently enough.

    Here’s a side question I’d be interested to get other opinions on; even if Pinterest isn’t driving vast amounts of traffic to a blog, is it worth nurturing to add to stats/ media kit? Do brands like to see a healthy pin presence?

    1. Hm all good thoughts! Can I ask are you pinning every day? What’s you’re level of commitment and how long have u been doing it? I’m not sure about your other question but I don’t think brands care about a Pin presence. Rather I do think the more we pin, just like blogging, the more search engines begin to trust us. And so I think the growth can become exponential at a certain point (maybe?). The more pins we have out there, the more and more we’re giving search engines, so I think it’s worth it in terms of potential increased traffic. What do you think? And I’m curious do you hate the process of doing it?

      1. I’m not a daily pinner, I try to deal with social media/SEO related tasks 2-3 times a week in a block of time but honestly, it slips! I’ve been using Pinterest seriously for about a year related to blogging but in a very off and on fashion. I suppose it’s like exercise, the more consistently you do it the stronger and more consistent the result. But I’m off-and-on with exercise too so maybe its just me haha!

        I wouldn’t say I hate it, but I do find it a bit tedious at times and just can’t get excited about it the way some bloggers and content creators do.

      2. Yeah I totally get that. Everything you said I totally get. Thanks for sharing your process with me, I love chatting with other bloggers about blogging 😬💖🦋

  3. Okay, this is so helpful! I have been toying with the idea of incorporating Pintrest but could never understand how it worked and was (ssp*) lazy to figure it out myself… I have saved this post and will go back to it on a day off to see if I can figure it out with your guidance! Thanks so much!!

  4. Wow, what a post! Judging by the other commenters’ replies, you really are onto something here, Libby. People really need knowledge like this, and I thank you for being so generous with your time (and mention too).

    I will need time to process this, and will definitely give it a go, but like all new platforms, it’s going to require lotsa trial and error. Will definitely re-viist this post once I give Pinterest a whirl.

    I suspect that this can even be turned into a PDF to be turned into a lead magnet for your newsletter.

    Anyway, this is great content right here!

    1. Thanks so much Stuart, I’m glad you find it helpful! Good luck with the process, it might not be as painful as you think. 😬🤷🏼‍♀️And thank you for the pdf idea, I’ll think about that!!

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