1. An exceptional post about powerful women. I know this is not an important point, but KIM AND KANYE ARE DIVORCED?! What?!!
    Truly enjoyed reading your opinions on this topic and ngl, I love how the generalisations you made were largely positive and realistic as well.
    Intelligence is of many types indeed but I don’t think men are better in some than women. But the patriarchal construct of our society favours the masculine traits in every aspect.

    Truly enjoyed this post. I like how you are spilling facts so seamlessly. Happy new year to you and yours!

    1. Thank you so much for your words! And ha, yes I believe they are divorced and/or in the legal process. They’re def not together anymore. Crazy I know 🤣💔 Yes I totally agree with your point about intelligences too. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this, as it’s a topic I feel really strongly about. Happy New Year also! 😘😊

  2. Such a relatable post!!!
    I remember my ex feeling threatened by my successes and finding ways to put me down in front of people in a joking way- and every time I would confront him, he’d say he was kidding.
    After that relationship, I refused to “dumb down” to boost a man’s ego.

    But I also agree that the society has put so many constricts on men that they feel the need to put a powerful woman down.

    1. Yes crazy! And yes my ex ALWAYS used the kidding card but I thought that was bullshit. Bc that technically allowed him to say anything he wanted but then say he was kidding, and it was impossible to argue it out. Ugh just bullshit. Sorry still angry ha! And yes of course it’s way complicated and men have their own terrible things to face from society. Ugh being human is so hard! 🤣

  3. Incredibly well-written post, Libby! So many amazing points you make. The system was built on a patriarchal back – it started out sideways and people (mostly men) wonder where the issue is.. it’s the whole system! Even just talking to my girlfriends about the biological sacrifices that women make in marriage (re: jobs) and in families (re: children.. giving up their own selves).. it’s mind blowing to see how disproportionate the barriers women face vs. men.

    That quote by Giada… wow.. it honestly sounds like a women in the 50s quote, not a powerful woman in the height of her career… wow!

    Thanks for sharing, as always! 🙂

  4. As I was reading this the first time I kept thinking how hard it is to be powerful and vulnerable at once, yet you are impressively uniting both in one voice. Then I got to the part of the article where you acknowledge this superpower. Wow. Yes, we women have this ability, but it is very difficult to hone. You’ve mastered it, GA!
    At nearly 62, I’m still working on it. The redundant injustices inherent in being a woman and being Black in this society can leave me in an underlying state of constant pissed offness (another made-up word). Lots of hard, sharp edges, unfortunately.
    I love how balanced and thorough your writing is, Libby. It hasn’t even been one month since your breakup, and yet you have managed to pull from the rubble your voice of light, strength, optimism, and power — all while remaining open and vulnerable and authentic. I’m in awe. Thank you for this! Hugs❤

    1. I screenshot these comments that make me feel so good so I can scroll through them when I’m feeling low. Thank u soooo much for your words. And yes it’s so hard to stay soft when the world can be so effing hard. I think my blog is 💯 saving me and helping me turn all this muck into some sort of rainbow gold consistency. At least that’s what I aim for. Because sitting with the muck is just too painful. Thank u, Natalie! 😘😘😘

  5. Loved this post and comments, can’t stand weak women, and quite frankly love women who make it a challenge to give in…
    Love to chat more in detail if your up to it

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