1. All my love to you… I’ve been where you are. It’s hard. I saw a quote that made me feel a little better “He didn’t leave you. The universe moved him out of the way to make room for something better trying to get to you”.

    1. Thank u soooo much for your words! It always helps to hear from another person who’s been where I’ve been and got through it. It gives me hope, truly. And thank u so much for that quote! I’ve been honestly focusing on that idea lately and it’s been making me feel hope as well. So thank u for validating those feelings!!!!! 🙏💖😊 And for reading and supporting. Have a pretty day 🌺

  2. Libby, you’ve got this. It may seem devastating right now, and for this moment in life it definitely is… but you are a strong woman who can have what she wants. If you want kids, get a sperm donor, it’s not too late. The right guy will come along at the right time, so don’t let his absence stop you from doing you. 😘

  3. Your feelings are totally valid. Truth: It can take me months to accept something life threw at me, depending on how painful it is. Even with a lot of love and support, it’s okay to have bad days. Hang in there! <3

  4. Oh Libby, so many great great points here.. Gratitude is what I cling to in dark times as well and it’s helped me immensely… I’ve also always had to grasp with the idea of being one wth another soul and then somehow that connection just disappears in a matter of hours… It’s tough… But I feel like you’re already doing so much better!! Somedays it takes you back a couple steps and other days you’ll feel more than fine.. You’re doing your best!♥️

    1. Yes it’s so mind boggling, the severed connection thing. That’s the thing that I’m really still grieving. But thank you for sharing that you’ve been there too. When you’re in a shit place, it’s so easy to think it’ll always be this way. But I know it won’t be so I just gotta be patient. Thank u thank u J! 💖💖💖

  5. OK Libby, this old broad with 20 years on you has tried to keep her mouth shut, but now I’m just gonna say this:
    1. You are badass, brilliant, and fierce, and everything you are feeling I can relate to. I have also learned that we give way too much credit to men. They do sad differently than we do sad, but they do grieve us. Doesn’t change what is, but doesn’t diminish what was either.
    2. Someone once told me “It’s not a rejection…it’s a protection from what’s not right for you.” Honestly, my reaction then was “Really? Fuck off.” Now, though, I clearly see how true that was.
    3. Years ago, a friend broke up with his long-time girlfriend, whom he loved but was not in love with. (I know how much this tore him up, though he kept it hidden.) The former girlfriend, who’d also become my friend, went on to have two children via artificial insemination in her 40s, left her tech job to launch a high-end line of children’s bedding, and is killin’ it in Napa.
    This swamp of shit may be the new normal for now, but you are wading through the muck like a Boss! Yeah, maybe some days it’s 2 steps forward then 3 steps back, but you’re still steppin’. Keep it up. You are loved. You were loved. Nothing changes that. Life just has a new path for you now. It feels fucked up, I know, and it’s OK to hate it or feel whatever you feel day to day. It’s a process and you will get there.
    Big hugs…and apologies for overstepping.

    1. You did not overstep at all and I’m soooo glad you didn’t keep your mouth shut about this! Where has that gotten anyone anyway?! Thank you Natalie 💖💖💖 I can’t even describe all the heart-swelling feels I feel from this. I took a screenshot of it for when I need a boost!! I agree with all points 1, 2, and 3 and thank you for reminding me, and for sharing your own wisdom. You keep me strong and soft and afloat through it all. You are a dear friend, my Love! xoxoxo

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