In this video, The Goddess Attainable demonstrates a brightening mask regimen to live by. Click HERE to watch the YouTube video PRODUCT DETAILS Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream product and application Thayer's Witch Hazel (be sure to use only alcohol-free) Carrot Seed Oil (I order mine from Stillpoint Aromatics and stand by this company). Note: These… Continue reading MASKING WITH THE GODDESS ATTAINABLE

Insta Art

There are so many talented goddesses in this world, creating such beautiful artwork. I am truly inspired by some of the people I follow in Instagram, and I keep feeling compelled to share, for no other reason than to aid in inspiring others. I come alive when I see beautiful artwork and maybe you will… Continue reading Insta Art


I have written about yoga before (YOGA AND EMOTIONS), and have mentioned this topic in several of my other posts. I am well aware that this is kind of an overdone, well-covered, deeply examined subject for many modern-day human beings. Who needs one more article about yoga? However, I am going to write about it… Continue reading FIVE-MINUTE MORNING YOGA


[“Found Art” is a term that I think I am making up. I have my own definition for it, which I will detail below. If you google “Found Art,” nothing definitive returns. Also, this term is not to be confused with “Found Object,” which is very much an actual term used in the worlds of… Continue reading FOUND ART


This is the third and final part of my series on caring for your beautiful face, and this post is going to be ALLLLLL about your insides. You can read Part I and II of my Beautiful Face series in the Health/Beauty section of my blog. I will preface this post, as I often do… Continue reading BEAUTIFUL FACE, PART III: YOUR INNARDS


In one of my earlier posts about Palo Santo, I gave a shout out to my awesome yoga instructor/insanely addictive-ly amazing crystal jewelry-maker, and I’ve been thinking about doing a post on crystals ever since. I will preface this post by saying that I am SO not an authority on crystals, so in this post… Continue reading CRYSTAL MYTHS