I am one of those backwards human beings who hates summer and loves winter. There are others like me, I am sure, who don’t do well in the heat (my beloved, deceased grandmother), but in general, I think that people trend towards the season of summer, and I am definitely the exception. However, over the last few years, I am learning to love summer. Okay, maybe not love, but accept??? Continue reading LEARNING TO LOVE SUMMER


I will tell you right off the bat that the process of forgiveness is not a linear one, and the title of this article is more for sexiness. These steps do not guarantee a positive outcome, and they come from my own personal experience with forgiveness. However, my journey was powerful, and one that I don’t believe was reserved only for me. Continue reading 4 STEPS TO FORGIVENESS


[This post has a somewhat violin-like tone and is a bit woebegone in content, but sometimes you have to get the woe out in order to move forward.] I recently received a text message out of nowhere, from a childhood “friend,” and without getting into the nature of the text, which was seemingly harmless, but … Continue reading BULLYING