I have been focusing a lot on my heart chakra lately. I do not know why, but it is almost like IT has been drawing ME, to it. I believe very deeply in the importance of the health of the heart chakra, and that many ailments and/or illnesses in this area of the body (heart,… Continue reading HEART CHAKRA


For all of my nature-loving, fairy-worshipping, earthly Virgo ways, I actually have a terribly un-green thumb. The opposite of green on the color wheel is red, so let us say that I have a red thumb. Any form of gardening stirs my anxiety, and I honor and respect anyone who is able to plant seeds,… Continue reading GET YOURSELF A POTHOS PLANT


I have an intimate relationship with nature that I have developed over the years, and that I believe began when I was very young. I actually grew up in a city, and as a little girl, my memories are of hop scotch, and car horns, and alley ways. There was concrete all around and very… Continue reading THE WOODS