love all things Christmassy (if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this article still applies to any wintery holiday). And one of my favorite things to do in the month of December is make cookies. I know, I’m not special or different in this way at all. EVERYONE makes cookies around this time of year. But for this December, I plan to do a few off-beat cookies that I don’t always make. Because I love mixing it up every year, and don’t always want to get stuck in the same celebratory rut. And although these holiday cookie recipes are a bit more labor-intensive, they are so worth it in the end! Continue reading 3 UNIQUE HOLIDAY COOKIE RECIPES FOR DECEMBER


I recently celebrated my 40th birthday (September 19th) and I thought it might be nice to compile a list of things I have learned thus far. Forty years is not immensely impressive, but it’s also not nothing. It’s four decades (holy crap) and includes childhood, puberty, and the terrible twenties (I was miserable in my … Continue reading TURNING 40