I am not the first person to ever write about the art of manifestation, and I’m sure I won’t be the last. However, speaking from personal experience, I can say that the emotional roller coaster that we go through when we are trying to manifest something is really, really difficult, and not often talked about. Continue reading MANAGING YOUR EMOTIONS WHILE MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS


I think it is a safe assumption that every human being in the world needs and wants love. And it is also safe to assume that many of us do not always receive the kind of love and/or the amount of love we want and need. We might have had a fantastic childhood with loving parents. But maybe we were teased as children and that may have stripped us of a portion of our love quotient. Or, maybe our parents kinda sucked and we learned to depend on our friends, getting by, but still suffering from a deep love depletion. Either way, most of us in our adult lives have hopefully found ways to get the love we need and want. But, there are always gaps and cracks lurking within our emotional topography, and love-lack is a fact of being human. Continue reading THE TRUTH ABOUT THERAPY