Have you ever had a relationship with a tree? I mean for real. I’m very serious, and I hope to be taken seriously here. If you have not, I recommend that you try this. And if you don’t know where to start, I’ll share with you my experience. There has only ever been one tree… Continue reading TREE FRIEND


I have an intimate relationship with nature that I have developed over the years, and that I believe began when I was very young. I actually grew up in a city, and as a little girl, my memories are of hop scotch, and car horns, and alley ways. There was concrete all around and very… Continue reading THE WOODS


I was first introduced to Palo Santo by my good friend Erin Swavely. Erin is a gifted medium and offers her services to those in her community and beyond. If you’re interested in and open to this kind of healing, I recommend you reach out to her, she’s the real deal! Erin and my twin… Continue reading PALO SANTO. EVERYONE NEEDS IT.