1. I think we all need to fake love ourselves to actually get to the point of loving ourselves. I’ve been fake loving myself for the past 3-4 years but only in the past year have I noticed real self love come through.
    I’ve been talking out aloud to myself too when I’m upset and crying. It’s the only way to make myself listen to myself.
    I love the questions you’ve shared. They’re so helpful! I still don’t think highly of myself but I’m hoping I’ll get there. ☺️
    Self love is such a difficult journey especially in a world that is out there to make you not like yourself. 😥

    1. Yes I agree! Although that’s amazing you also use self-talk that’s so lovely! It’s so crazy that it actually works but it really does. I think the self love thing is definitely a journey through an onion with lots and lots of layers 🤣🧅❤️‍🩹

  2. A beautiful blog!!
    I talk to myself a lot, but I think I need some good discussion with myself.
    I should not ignore what’s happening with me.
    Keep smiling, new visitor here 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t say I’ve participated in negative self-talk to myself over the years but I’ve always had a realistic confidence in my abilities and un-abilities… to practice gratitude, I used to think about all the things I HAD in my life (i.e. sisters as bestfriends, condo, great job, great friends) and I’d sub the word “HAVE” with WISH (I.e. I wish I had bestfriends as sisters, a condo of my own, a job I loved and friends I could be myself around)… this exercise allowed me to see the abundant joy around me… whenever I was in a dark place mentally and just wanted to focus on positivity or self-improvement (at the same time not too much negative self-talk), I would write a list of things I knew I could improve on and things I knew were superior about me…. (i.e. I could work on being less judgmental, being more sympathetic, being more open to change… I am great at making people laugh, problem solving, be relatable to others in a way that allows them to feel vulnerable around me).. etc.. these exercises helped me immensely and I am so glad you’re taking care of yourself while navigating this new phase… 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing, it sounds like you’ve just always had a natural handle on taking care of yourself in this way, that’s amazing! 🤩 Here’s to more positive feelings about myself, more of the time, YAAAS!!

  4. I love this post, Libby! I talk to myself out loud in the third person when I need to get my negative self-talk under control. It works!
    I recently read that we can only love someone as much as we love ourselves. That blew me away. I’ve just started liking myself. Loving has a ways to go still.

    1. I know I really think it’s a life long thing to get the self-love thing right. I’m also sooooooo happy to hear that so many other people have discovered the self-talk thing. It’s so new to me, but yes it’s so powerful, I love it! I wish I would’ve started 20 years ago. So glad u love this post thank u!! xoxox

  5. Powerful self-affirming post, Libby! Whenever negative thoughts take hold of me–especially these days with Covid anxiety–I chase them away by talking out loud to myself in the third person. It’s good to know that there’s a frequency connecting our voice and emotions.

  6. I’d say we are both seekers. This is how I’ve been “identified” or “categorized” by some of those wonderful (and of course so totally instructive AND accurate) online or web-based or whatever sites that do that sort of thing. This is one I will totally own up to and even embrace.

    Not sure I can get to the self-talk out loud part, though looking back I know there have been a few times when I did that, through tears and so of course with an ugly crying face (and why did I look in the mirror then, of all times?) with my negative self-talk.

    Maybe it will be easier for me if I use the approach I read somewhere but don’t remember where now. It did help me make a decision, though, which was its original intent. Anyway, the question was – What would I tell my best friend? I remember it was a very succinct 7 words and I think it was these seven!

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