1. I remember doing the same in my early years too… I had a weird obsession with romance thinking that would be the thing that would take me away from where I currently was.. I waited and fantasized about my knight in shining armor and in a way he did come and he did take me away (my first love) but when things ended, that first love loss was almost traumatic for me bc I felt like I had lost my whole world.. My identity, my safety, everything I had associated with happiness was gone and gone overnight… And after much time I realized that I had been unhealthily relying on someone outside of myself to make me whole and make me happy… It was definitely a defining moment for me…

    Thanks for continuing to share your story, Libby!

    1. Jennnnnn, everything you just said, every single thing, is what I’m going through now. And I can feel all those changes and realizations taking place. I wish I could’ve learned this a bit earlier in life like you! 🤣 But I also trust in the divine timing of my life. Thank you for sharing, and for giving me hope that’ll it’ll turn out for the better 💕🙏❤️‍🩹☺️

  2. Reading Jen’s comment and your post got me thinking – do ALL women fantasize about a knight in shining armour while growing up? I used to do it ALL the time – get lost in this fantasy world where this amazing man would save me from all the sadness. I used to love the song ‘Wonderwall’ –
    “Because maybe
    You’re gonna be the one that saves me”

    I waited a long time for my knight and then just turned myself into that knight and saved myself. 🙂

    You’re definitely going to judge me but I never believed in affirmations till literally last weekend. My bestie and I were hanging out and I kept saying that I want to go back to our school to relive those memories. She didn’t really want to. And the next day my extended family was going out for lunch and we ended up eating in a restaurant right next to my old school! So yesss, I’m definitely going to try more!

    1. I definitely don’t judge you, affirmations are underrated and misunderstood I think! That’s an amazing story! I also think not every woman fantasizes about a knight in shining armor. I know my sister never did. I think we attract like-minded friends, so it makes sense that me, you, and Jen, all did the same thing!! 🤣 ♥️♥️♥️

  3. I’m glad you are finding healing and comforting strategies that are working for you, Libby. Being truly open to the healing journey is the first, most important step. Your openness and self-awareness are powerful, Goddess 💫💜

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