1. Lots of interesting topics here. Letting go of toxic friends is pretty much a necessity if you want to keep your sanity. This whole concept of unwritten blog posts is fascinating to me. I might take a bit to decide what I’m going to write about, but when I start I always finish my posts—usually the day I decide to write the post. I’ve learned everyone has their own process that works for them, and I love learning what others do.

    1. Yeah thanks Pete! I’m usually like that too. I get so inspired and can’t really put the post down until it’s complete. But every once in awhile I’ll get multiple ideas at once and can only focus on one. Then the other gets left behind…into the graveyard 🪦🤣 👻 I love hearing other bloggers’ processes too tho, so fascinating! Thanks for reading Pete!

  2. Omg, I also wrote a whole post about letting go of toxic girlfriends because I did that with my best friend of 20 years (last year) but it felt too personal to share. 🙈
    About vulva art – I get why some people might get offended. I definitely don’t want to see dick art. But yesss, there is something empowering about normalising women’s sexuality. It’s been suppressed for SO long and women have been made to feel bad about their sexuality. Maybe subtle vulva art? Like the earrings in the photo!

    1. Yeah I’m not ready to do a post about girlfriends either because I’m still too sad. That’s why I love this blog idea bc it’s just like a mini blog article, which is just enough for these topics! Thank you for reading, same page as always!!! 🌺🌺

  3. Love you, too, Libby <3

    For #3, you may want to listen to a podcast called Everything is Fine (EIF) podcast. One of the episodes is specifically about losing friends, especially as we age. It was very affirming, in fact, the expert they had on said it's common to lose friends every 7 years or so.

      1. I see it. I don’t know why nothing was showing up…flipping WP lol

        I think you’d REALLY like this podcast, in general.

  4. Great idea! I read Kathy’s post as well and thought it was a great idea! I can’t seem to let go of the unfinished blog posts in my folder just yet – I feel like someday I might go back to them, especially if I am ever in a pinch on a Tuesday evening LOL… you know how that goes!

    Totally relate to toxic girlfriends or just people in general in our lives that need to be let go- that’s the only way I was able to make way for positivity in my life! If someone in your life holds you back from whatever you want to do because you fear their judgment, I think it deserves a second look at what value they bring to your life…. thanks for sharing, Libby! 🙂

    1. Yeah I def haven’t deleted my unfinished posts! They just sit in drafts indefinitely and I’m 💯 comfortable with that! 🤣 yes to letting go of toxicity. It’s so nice to hear actually that so many women agree and do that for themselves, letting go of girlfriends. It really is the best way to make way for more and better! 💖

  5. I loved Kathy’s list and love yours too! So relatable. I’ve posted about cleaning out friends, and dating lessons and antics, but there’s so much to say that I have many related draft posts floating around. Many I’ve realized are more useful as healing journal entries. Like you, I think some shit about specific folks is better left unsaid online. Thank you for sharing!💜

  6. Omg this is actually a great idea for a post. I’m not even going to attempt it though, because there’s no way I can explain the the sieved garbage that makes my blogging graveyard. I even have one ‘master list’ where I copy and paste paragraphs I thought were witty, but have no idea where to put them. Perhaps someday. Awesome stuff here, Libby!

    1. Darn now I’m def even more curious! Yeah this idea was amazing and so unassuming and simple, but I love the “blogger’s blogger” vibe of it since we all do it and it’s not even something we talk about with each other. Glad u enjoyed 😊

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