1. Honey as a cleanser – I have never heard of this before – wow. I love using honey on my face – I used to use it every day with a little bit of milk to calm my acne prone skin.
    I’ve been meaning to try out bakuchiol since I love love retinol. I’ll give it a try sometime soon.
    Using a baby lotion and sunscreen makes so much sense. I used to use baby cream for the longest time too. My issue with thick sunscreen is the white cast it leaves (brown girl problems), so I prefer gel or thinner ones that melt into the skin.
    Witch Hazel – while I haven’t used it personally but I remember Hyram not being the biggest fan.
    I love this post. I’d love to share what is in my skincare drawer! I don’t have a very crazy regime since I like to keep it very simple.
    PS: Thank you for the shout out, means A LOT! <3

    1. Yes I would LOVE to hear your regimen! And honestly I’m more fascinated by women who use less products! I always want to be so minimal but then it’s like damn I gotta have that product and then I’m up to 10 ha! I can’t wait and I’m glad you feel inspired to share too yay!!

  2. I loved this!! I’m always so curious as to what other people use in their skin care routine and their opinion on products. I might have to give some of these products a try!

    I’m excited to share what’s in my skin care cabinet, thank you for tagging me!! ☺️

  3. I am not a huge make-up, beauty regiment person… I wish I were bc I honestly feel like I missed the boat on that one… My skin feels like it’s at a point of no return bc it’s true what they say, what you don’t take care of you inevitably will lose… Sigh…

    I do love a clean, fresh face and always envy those that wear only moisturizer and their skin looks flawless!

    I just moisturize with drunk elephant moisturizer but I’m looking for something better… That one was recommended to me but it’s not helping my skin as much as I’d hoped..

    I, too, love rummaging through my sisters bathroom cabinet for goodies lol mostly bc I secretly hope she’ll give me her best products that she no longer uses LOL

    1. Yes I def envy all minimal skincare regimens. What kind of moisturizer are u looking for? Not sure you’d be willing to spend the money but that biossance omega is so amazing and I’d recommend to anyone! I understand if u don’t wanna do a whole post on this and I still love that you’re sharing!!!

      1. I have oily skin… I haven’t been able to find a moisturizer that keeps me less oily by days end… Am I asking for too much?? Lol

      2. Ha no, you’re not asking too much! I have dry (old person) skin mostly so not sure I can recommend anything 🤦🏼‍♀️ maybe embrace the oil and see it as a goddess dewy glow!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ll keep a look out tho!

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