1. Aaaaaaah! Everyone says this but it is SO difficult to take a break! I do take breaks through the day but taking a WHOLE break from work or the blog – just doesn’t seem feasible. I am scared of burning out – but is burning out really that bad? I know I’m sounding totally crazy as I type this comment (the caffeine just kicked in).
    I try staying away from the blog but a day away and I miss this world and my blogging fam SO much. But I do take a break from writing and I am currently on a break and using up all my draft posts. I feel like being around and reading other people’s posts often acts as inspiration for me to write too.
    But I agree – ‘YOU GOTTA LIVE LIFE SO YOU HAVE THINGS TO EXPRESS’! I have been just shuffling between work and Gilmore Girls and hence, don’t have a lot to write about – so yeah – going to try and do something fun this weekend 🙂
    PS: Your hair is gorgeous! <3

    1. I know I talk about putting it down but I really can’t either! I need to for just a day here and there though so I really don’t burn myself out. And yes sometimes I lose inspiration if I’m too focused on trying to create. Ha I love the work – Gilmore Girls balance, amazing! And thank u for the hair compliment!!! 😘

  2. I love this post! I can totally relate! As an artist and a writer, I see there’s ebbs and flows in my ability to create and produce! There are absolutely times when recharging our inner batteries is vitally important, as well as the basic tasks of living our lives!

    I always come back refreshed and recharged when I respect my inner abilities. When I return I usually have a fresh perspective and new ideas, so allowing time for the to percolate through is very important!

    I had made a personal goal of blogging daily through the whole pandemic, and once the light at the end of the tunnel appeared, I realized I was emotionally tired from the long process. My blog posts have been less frequent lately, but when I do write they’re heartfelt.

    Based on feedback from readers (of my book and my blog) I’ve been feeling very strongly lately that I need to get into public speaking to bring out a needed message, especially as people are looking to restart their lives, so apart from working on my 18 minute talk, I’ve been working on strengthening my inner spirit to feel comfortable with this new venture!

    What may not look like a time of super productivity, can actually be exactly what we need to do!


    1. Thanks so much for sharing Tamara! Wow you are amazing 🤩 And yes, I need to consider slowing down my blog as well, especially when I start feeling shitty. Keep me posted on all of your happenings, it sounds amazing 💕Xo

  3. I gotta admit, I get wrapped up in the likes, views and follows on my blog.. It’s so hard to shake bc a part of blogging is knowing that people like it don’t like your words and oftentimes your words are the only thing people can judge you on (from a blogging platform) so if they don’t “like” your posts then you almost feel like they don’t “like” you as a person… Hard not to take it personally so I struggle with that sometimes but the trade off is far better (meeting like-minded people is awesome)! I totally agree with taking breaks and looking at the unexpected things that happen in your life as inspo! 🙂 Thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks for sharing. Yeah I think I don’t get as wrapped up in likes and follows Bc I barely have any ha! So I can only get so excited about it. But if I had more, I’d DEF become more obsessed I’m sure. How could I not? It’s so hard. Thanks again 🙏🌺

  4. Very thought provoking post. Lack of creative energy for me is always a sign I need some time out. It’s a calling for fresh air, outdoors time and an energy retune.

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